Meta files to be updated every time Cocos Creator update?

Meta files to be updated every time Cocos Creator update?
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Hey guys,

Do we really need meta files changes every time the project is compiled with a different version Cocos Creator?

Each time I tried a beta version or upgrade Cocos Creator, git will report a huge amount of file changes due to ‘ver’ key value in meta files. Do we really need the version in the meta file? It’s causing lots of problems when project collaborators work on cocos project or shared libraries with different version editor. I guess there will be a better way around this…


I wouldn’t recommend that… it would be wise to have all team using the same version (same performance, same known bugs, etc…)


I agree on that we keep the Creator version aligned within project but we have a sets of common libs. Those libs are written in a particular version of Cocos Creator. Thus, causing some issues.


Version in meta is very important, since different version of engine may require different data structure of asset. The version in meta tells the editor whether it should upgrade the asset when first import into a new Creator version.

If you need to try a new Creator version, you can duplicate your project folder so it won’t affect your production environment.


Hello @nantas,

Thanks for the reply, there’s also another conflicting scenario aside from testing new engine.

For example, common library “a” is developed using version 1.4. There’s a game that is base off version 1.4 that already went live. When we have a new project that based off version 1.5 and still use library a. Library a meta file would be forced to update. If git submodules is used, there would be some problem.

There’s a few ways around this now, branch/tag common library “a” with version tag so that projects that uses it pull specific version tags based on which engine version they are based of. But it’s tedious and lots of unnecessary work.


Is it possible to place version info in project meta instead in every files meta?


What do you mean by ‘library’? Is it a javascript file? or a project contains common assets and components?


There are some libraries that only includes script but we should assume that they would also includes common assets and components.

Seems like unity projects have similar issues regarding assets meta:


Here’s a unity meta sample:

fileFormatVersion: 2
guid: 4cc86340a16bb438d8425798fd38fd8f
folderAsset: yes

Looks like they doesn’t have a engine version written in it, but a fileFormatVersion to determine these:
fileFormatVersion: 1 - CRLF
fileFormatVersion: 2 - LF

Which is similarly catastrophic for teams that have mac and windows users:

Cocos Creator v1.6.0 Beta Releases (Updated with rc.1)