Is EDITOR of cocos creator open source?

Is EDITOR of cocos creator open source?


Hi all,
I want to know that ,Is Editor of cocos creator open source or not??


Not currently. I don’t know a timeline or if any plans exist to do so.


Hm, wouldn’t you agree the main page at is a little confusing when it says that

Cocos2d-x is a suite of open-source, cross-platform, game-development tools used by thousands of developers all over the world.

then? Do you plan on open sourcing the Cocos Creator editor? It’d really help us work through issues like today’s undocumented behaviors with build scripts, as code is self-documenting. Thanks.


I’d even be willing to roll up my sleeves a bit and submit PRs with fixes.


Well cocos2d-x and Creator are different. Cocos2d-x is open-source. Creator is not.


I see, I thought it was a parent-child relationship.


Nope. But I understand your main points.


There are other open editors in development: SpriteBuilderX for one (search the forum for it)

Forks of the old open-source version of the editor that Creator is based on: (history view of all forks) (most up-to-date, afaict) (most stars/etc) (original clone, it’s now in a private “closed” repo) (core classes) (demo fireball game)

  • everything I could find today *


Those are even more in the “you’re on your own” territory though.


Yes, I was going off the assumption you wanted something open-source.
Lot of other tools out there as well as code solutions :smiley:


Hm, do you have any personal experience with any of them? If so, which would you recommend? I’m assuming fireball means that it is compatible with Cocos Creator scenes?


Yes Fireball is probably now incompatible with Creator, since it’s been a year or two since they forked it (privately) and worked on it as closed-source project.

Here’s a statement from walzer (founder of Chukong, I believe, not of cocos2d-x) basically saying it won’t be opened. You could PM him or @ liink him here if you want to ask for him to reconsider. I’m not sure how they make money on it? Maybe they sell services to fix bugs or add features based on those willing to pay? Maybe they sell add-on plugins?

CocosBuilder worked just fine 5 years ago (it still works if you have the right version).
SpriteBuilderX is trying to improve upon it today and should be used unless you had old .ccb files.

Creator, honestly doesn’t give you a whole lot more than what this “older” editor had, except that you can edit javascript, “play” from within editor, and it’s now “components”. Most of that, while great for first-time users, gives you almost nothing beyond visual layout and visual keyframe animations if you’ve already created your own hot-loading, own script bindings, own custom in-game editing tools, own quake-style console command system (that hooks into CCConsole stuff from cocos2d-x), etc.

We also use Tiled, Spine, and non-open: TexturePacker, LevelHelper, Physics Designer, Photoshop, etc.

We also use in-game editor tools to manipulate our game as well.

We’ve also added our own custom code for “real” hot-loading, not the fake “hot-restarting” that Creator has, even while using c++, such that we can see immediately the results of editing any of our assets: Textures, Shaders, CocosBuilder scenes, JSON/PLIST/misc text formatted files we’ve written by hand or from other tools.

/rant :smiley: - sorry - I’m also sad that they’ve “wasted” so much time, though it’s their time and their choice, on multiple failed editors and projects instead of refactoring the core engine :-[

p.s. the irony that we keep our custom code internal to ourselves is not lost on me, heh


I believe we bought Fireball, not just a fork.

Walzer is the founder of Cocos2d-x, not Chukong.


Thanks for clarifying!

However, cocos2d-x is still and always will be an open source project to me. Until the copyright holders fork and change the license, I don’t consider the project to have much of an actual owner (though I’d declare Ricardo as the rightful founder, hehe).

Also, cocos2d-x is copyrighted by Chukong which is the technical owner.

I only used founder for Walzer because I mistakenly thought he was the one on the forums from Chukong and also because it’s in his forum bio line.

Someone bought Fireball and forked it. Fireball was open source with an MIT license. That version before they bought it still exists as open source, in the same way cocos2d-x currently (like as of this minute) open source with an MIT license and thus has no real owner, in terms of usage.

While someone might “own” the copyright, the license effectively invalidates that ownership since I can fork any MIT licensed project and close it, claim it as my own, or whatever the heck I want :smiley:

I mean no disrespect, if it was taken as such.


Yes Ricardo created Cocos2d-python and cocos2d-iPhone. Bonus points if you can tell me why he called it Cocos2d!!!

Then Walzer made Cocos2d-x

Sometime after that Walzer and Chukong partnered up.

Then Ricardo joined the Cocos2d-x team.


The fragmentation here is brutal.


Ah, Walzer started the cpp fork before Ricardo joined, I didn’t realize that.
@TheChuckster yep, it is indeed.


Probably something to do with coconut based on the logo :smiley:



Names after Los Cocos, Argentina.

Cocos + 2d game engine == Cocos2d


Ah, nice. School project originally? or just local group there? or were the original contributors (looks like 3-6 of them in the copyright header of python project) from around the world? I should prob just PM ricardo, eh, haha.