Encrypted sdkbox_config.json

Encrypted sdkbox_config.json

here is a fix for android load encrypted sdkbox_config.json .

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I Encrypted json file Successfully.
But Don’t Know how to use through cpp no idea what to do.

Any Suggestion will help full.


Thank you! I will try it and let you know the result.

Actually , U can try

// AppDelegate.cpp
#include <sdkbox/Sdkbox.h>

std::string content = decrypt(“your_encrypt_content”);
sdkbox::setConfig(content); // the content of ‘sdkbox_config.json’

I think it is better.

hi i tried the solution it work perfactly in ios bt android i got this error.

E/SDKBOX_CORE: Checking plugin status for unknown plugin: AdMob
I/SDKBOX: DEFAULTvirtual bool sdkbox::AdMobWrapperEnabled::init():63= ERR: Failed to load config for AdMob

std::string content = decrypt (“your_encrypt_content”);
sdkbox::setConfig(content); // the content of ‘sdkbox_config.json’

Now i want to try this but dont know what is meant of std::string content = decrypt (“your_encrypt_content”); and the content of ‘sdkbox_config.json’ please help to resolve this.

some code like:

std::string decrypt(const std::string& jsonstr)
    return xxtea_decrypt(jsonstr)

auto content = decrypt(R"( encrypted jsont string )");

Thank You @yinjimmy Finally Its Working.

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