"ccconsole.h, ccutf8.h error, expected a {"

Switch to 3.17 please.

Do you use v3.17 yourself?

Of course. I also use v4. It depends on my needs.

Alright, I am so confused and concerned for my computer.
I installed cocos2dx v3.17.2
made the project
this error is still occurring, it is pointing to the SAME two files except the error message is a bit different,
but it is still pointing to the same two files and to the exact same lines in those files.
I am just going to go back to cocos2dx v4 and dismiss this error until it goes away.
in fact i might want to switch to Code::Blocks because Visual Studio and IntelliSense is so buggy.
If someone could please help I am really concerned.

Try Retarget Solution once, i think that will solve your problem.

How would I do that?


When I right click on the solution or any of my projects it does not give me the option to retarget

So all this time I thought you had build errors, but you’ve been referring to IntelliSense. I just checked my projects, and the same IntelliSense errors appear (plus more), but I’ve simply been ignoring them. They don’t affect the code compilation, so what exactly is it that concerns you about this issue?

Unless you have a build error, there really isn’t anything to worry about.

ohhh. well the problem was a few days ago I think I accidentally switched my error list to also show intellisense, but then I forgot if intellisense was turned on by default or if the error list always showed build only.
Sorry for wasting your time then. I still got a few useful tips and tricks though :slight_smile:

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