[CC 3.3.2] Cannot read properties of null (reading 'isChildOf')

Hi all,
I getting this error when I try clone a prefab to scene at runtime. This issue happen when I build release (web-mobile), but when I run in editor, everything ok

After some test, this issue happen when I modify prefab (with nested):

  1. Open a prefab (with nested) in prefab editing mode
  2. Change something (example: position,…)
  3. Save
  4. Drag prefab to scene
  5. Build web-mobile then run then this issue will happen
    Note: When run in editor mode, everything ok. When I modify prefab (without nested), everything ok

I can ask engineering to have a look

I followed these steps you provided and the issue did not happen. Could you offer your demo to me or record it?

uhm, this issue just happen in some prefab with same nested prefab. When I unlink (disconnect node with current prefab) this nested prefab, this issue gone. So, I guest, problem is my nested prefab