Big Issue With Animated Rigid Body In CC 2.0.6

Big Issue With Animated Rigid Body In CC 2.0.6


I have setup a test project with CC v2.0.6 that contains an animated rigid body (aka a platform) moving up and down and a cube on top of it. The platform movement has an in and out ease applied to it, to prevent sudden change of directions.

It works ok all but on an Ipad Mini, where the behavior is erratic, the cube will take off the platform, in a very unpredictable way. I have recorded a video of this behavior, you may see it here:

Changing the fps with the tools doesn’t trigger this behavior, so there must be something else at play here.

This is the test project: (579.8 KB)

Thank you, I’d appreciate any advice on this.

Increase the mass of the cube?

it makes no difference if the density of the cube is 1 or 1000, on Ipad Mini it will still fly off into the void :smiley:

did more tests:

  1. used a “slider crank” (as the one in the physics samples here: this seems to be stable, however, it’s not very convenient to use and setup for a simple platform;

  2. attached an animation to the animated rigid body that affects the linear velocity. the results are unpredictable/erratic as well, on desktop, the platform started to drift up, on ipad, it drifted down compared to the center i was aiming for. considering the animation is symmetric, this kinda raises more questions :slight_smile:

  3. ran prime95 + some video + some audio decoding on my desktop while running the test app and the cube started to behave exactly like on the Ipad mini version. this pretty much means that animated can only be used under very controlled conditions, where the frame rate stays fixed. when you have the slightest variation, then…problem :slight_smile:

  4. on desktop version, switch tabs during the simulation. cube will be shot to the moon. see here

at this point, seems animated rigid body is, well, quite an unusable feature, unfortunately.