UnsatisfiedLinkError on Released Game

UnsatisfiedLinkError on Released Game


Here is a bug with SDKBox-core, different architectures in different schema folders:

armeabi in armeabi-v7a
armeabi-v7a in armeabi


if you do not want to update whole plugin, you can download http://download.sdkbox.com/installer/v1/sdkbox-adcolony_v2.4.2.0.tar.gz, then replace the project android/jni/sdkbox folder with `sdkbox-adcolony_v2.4.2.0/plugin/android/jni/sdkbox/ .


2018.11.30 UPDATE:
or switch the armeabi and armeabi-v7a folder.


Hi yinjimmy,

I have upgraded SDKBox to the latest versions (v2.4.2.0). Unfortunatelly the problem is still remains


I hope the issue will be found soon. Thanks

SDKBOX Facebook. SIGABRT after logPurchase on Android

How did you confirm that this crash is in version ?
Did the players update your game ?


yep, i have this bug too with, but i forgot to init crashlytics before SDKBOX =) Crashlytics logs will be with next release, but i’m not sure they will help


Yes, players keep updating. GooglePlay console can filter real-time crashes by release version. And latest game release that built with latest SDKBox still has that bug


Do you add isTaskRoot checking like the sample here https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x/blob/v3/templates/cpp-template-default/proj.android/app/src/org/cocos2dx/cpp/AppActivity.java


yes, we have this


SDKBox.init is in super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);


and we should put super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); after that checking?


could you plz try it?


ok, we will try


Thank you very much. I have a fixed PluginIAP.jar.zip (19.6 KB)
jar for SDKBOX Facebook. SIGABRT after logPurchase on Android .


we tried, it’s leads to Fatal Exception: android.util.SuperNotCalledException


by the way now we have this bug caughted by crashlytics. What we should to do next?

SDKBox bugfix

Plz check Cocos2dxActivity.java, is there some SDKBox code ?

Feel free to contact me. My Skype id: live:jimmy.yin5 .

BTW: whats link of your game on Google Play ?


i add a fix for sdkbox native init crash.

you can have a try, if you have time.

sdkbox.jar.zip (98.5 KB)


@OrangeDog @angelvet @formatCvt

plz update your sdkbox.jar

This bugfix will be release with version (2018.12.14).

Blaming words can’t help improve software quality

Thanks @enrevol .


No implementation found for void com.sdkbox.plugin.SDKBox.nativeInit

You may need to handle onDestroy (and maybe onPause, onStop…) as well to make sure that SDKBox.onDestroy() must not be called in wrong activity.


yes, SDKBox handle

  • onCreate
  • onActivityResult
  • onStart
  • onStop
  • onResume
  • onPause
  • onBackPressed


@yinjimmy, I have updated sdkbox.jar. SDKBox crash rate is drastically reduced. I have seen only several java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError crashes from only one user in last 24 hours.

His device is A3-A40 (acer_jetfirefhd), Android 6.0