Progress of graphics backend integration

Progress of graphics backend integration

is mac version working fine with metal support and how much performance improvement I can expect from it?

We haven’t focused performance currently. As simple testing, currently, there is not performance improvement, just the same as before. After uniform setting modification, i think it will have about 10% performance improvement. We will focus on performance improvement after finishing metal integration.


Because of the delay of refactor uniform setting, we could not release alpha0 version last week. Sorry about that. We will try to release it in this week.

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Alpha0 version is released. I created a new topic for it.

‘deprecated/CCArray.h’ file not found Error

Thanks for the hard work , just to be clear currently beside the alpha version which supports metal
if i develop game with the latest cocos2dx build it not going to work on the latest ios devices ?

Could you please show me how to reproduce it? Because we tested on mac/iphone/android/windows,but didn’t meet the error.

Yep, just this alpha0 version supports metal. It is in alpha0 version, so i don’t suggest you using it in commercial projects. You can just download and play with it to report bugs or ask needed features. Thanks. file download and try to run project but its throw error

Sorry, currently, only cpp-empty-test and cpp-tests works, so you can not build all tests.

cpp-tests and cpp-empty-test also not working

refer to

You can’t run metal on iOS simulator, so after you select a iOS Device, above error will gone.


LOL, really…?!!

Yep, metal doesn’t support simulator.

Why does cpp-empty-test don’t have xcode project and how can I create proper proj to test my api with new metal backend?
upd. never mind. make proj by myself but maybe some instructions will be handy

new draw node works differently - dose it use different shader?
this screenshot from os x with new backend draw node:
previously it was smooth :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What repo did you use? Now backend is integrated into cocos2d-x in metal-support branch.