Cocos Creator v2.0 released!

Cocos Creator v2.0 released!

cc.loader.loadRes('gamedata.json', function(err, jsonAsset) {
        GlobalData.gameData = jsonAsset.json;

android back key support is added in v2.0.1


Are you sure about that?
Can you register a event using node.on(“Event name”, function, node-Target) then trying dispatcher some event using emit with same Event name registered before. It’ll will call Script of node have destroyed. Check script’s uid, you can see.


May a problem with sprite component type “TIED” about rendering.


I think intended behaviour should be like this, please correct me if I’m wrong. The checkbox actually enables/disables component?


@pandamicro sorry i can’t go into detail but suffice it to say we cache assets and would need to if/else on a per game basis

on another note, can you tell me what happened to _ccsg class in 2.0? is it possible to access _ccsg.GraphicsNode() another way in 2.0?


@pandamicro when can we expect v2.0.1? Any estimated release date?

Coz I am thinking about upgrading to 2.x but 2.0 seems to be with too many bugs.


I would like to ask if there were some changes made to CocosCreator v2.0, regarding cocos2d::Director::getInstance().

I notice that upon comparing between CocosCreator 1.x and CocosCreator 2.x, some changes are as follows:

  1. Most of the function calls using Director::getInstance() was changed to Application::getInstance()
  2. A lot of function calls that utilize cocos2d::Director::getInstance() were removed/commented.

If the above case is true, what would be the best way to migrate function calls that depend on cocos2d::Director::getInstance() to Application::getInstance()

I tried to include the following header file

#include "base/CCScheduler.h"
#include "base/CCThreadPool.h"
#include "platform/CCApplication.h"

#include "platform/android/jni/JniImp.h"

but it seems that the compiler still marks ‘Application’ has not been declared.

This is in line with the problem I encountered with SDKBox

Thanks in advance.


@yinjimmy thoughts? Or should we ask @jare


I would like to thank @yinjimmy for fixing the problem in SDKBox with regards to the cocos2d::Director::getInstance() problem.

From the fix provided, it seems that the reason why I encountered some problems was I forgot to put the namespace of cococs2d when I tried calling Application::getInstance()

So the correct fix for CocosCreator 2.x would be:
From cocos2d::Director::getInstance() it will become cocos2d::Application::getInstance()

Make sure to include #include "platform/CCApplication.h"
Although I’m not 100% sure if you need to include #include "base/CCScheduler.h" as well.