Cocos Creator v2.0.2 released!

Cocos Creator v2.0.2 released!



Let me just chime in my 2 cents, but these deprecations are a TERRIBLE IDEA.

Breaking huge swaths of code for absolutely no reason is almost always a stupid idea. Especially in such a broad swath of code and without supporting material to back it up. Doing mass deprecations is a great way to get people like the people above to just give up on future versions. Maintaining backward compatibility should be a much higher priority.


I am tagging @jare so he can ad feedback to help guide future releases. Thank you for your feedback.


Although it’s not exceedingly helpful, I have no fix, I can tell you I encountered all kinds of random glitchy ness in 2.0 with plist imported particles. Completely random coloration and valuation and changes as you described.

So, if only to help you know that you’re not going crazy, I encountered it too, 1.9 worked fine.


Thanks… @slackmoehrle

I believe, this would help us a lot.


v2, as of now, is definitely buggy and a new challenge but I would say it’s really worth the upgrade and headache due to better/organized API interfaces and performance improvements.

We already managed to upgrade ours 1.9 project to 2.0.1 last week.

So, a good start would be running your project in web and check the console log for list of errors/incompatibilities. Then, check new document for new replacements (but take note that not all functions are available in new version, and we ended up rewriting them; power of JS :slight_smile: ).

Check this file for list of depreciated functions:



Hi Serapth… Thank you for the note and the confirmation. My work around is to not export to .plists at all and leave all my particle setups as “Custom”. It seems to save my data more reliably that way… Thanks again for the response! Cheers, Greg


@slackmoehrle & everyone!

Ignored what I said earlier. Just reviewed the project done and I’m really disappointed with v2 and our decision to upgrade. My team fixed the errors and made the game playable with a lot of compromises. So, it’s far from what I expected.


  • socket io is no longer working. team fixed for web but on native it’s not working.
  • webview is not working.
  • effects are not working.

Some may be able to run the game without those missing features but for some, including myself, it’s not acceptable.

An upgrade should bring “New Features and Fixes” not the other way!

How could you guys just release new versions with a lot of missing major features!
And the worst part is nothing was mentioned in the release note and upgrade guide!

:angry: :angry: :angry:

Edit: Found other users just like us: Cocos Creator 2.0.x, webview not load

And this was the reply received! unfinished feature? v2.1? when?

thanks for this feedback, webview didn’t works on 2.0.x, it’s a unfinished feature. we plan to support it on creator 2.1.


Can you email me please? Let me put you in touch with the Crestor team so we can work together on the work you had to put in.


@slackmoehrle sure. I will follow up with you tomorrow when I got to office. :slight_smile:

BTW, I started reading Chinese forum as well.
So far, so good as I found v2.1 alpha there. :smiley:


Yeah there is an alpha available. How is your Chinese?


@slackmoehrle My Chinese is as good as Google Translate…! :grimacing:

On a side note, V2.0.2 is about 500 MB while V2.1.0 is about 350 MB!
I do hope we will NOT have missing/depreciated features in v2.1.0 version again!


Just got connected with Cocos developer team.
As per their suggestions, v2.0 is NOT suitable for native development. (socket io, webview, spine etc etc are missing)

For us, we just wasted a week and I do hope my post will help others.


@slackmoehrle Jason, where can we find creator v 1.10 documents?


The documentation?




There is a selector in the upper right corner of the window too



The new version v2.0.2 is 100% funcional, stabkle and works? asking before updating ? last time I had problems with compability.


Far from it, we had several compatibility and other issues. I can hardly wait the next 2.0.3 release to be able to release our games.

Best regards,


Draw calls in our games (webgl) in 1.9.10 - 185 , in 2.0.2 - 400 . is it normal?