Build Cocos Creator to single file HTML

Build Cocos Creator to single file HTML


Even better! So your cocos2d-js-min.js should work for anyone who is using the original template.


Has anyone had success with a project using physics?


Hey, how did you manage to embed the files under


into the HTML file?
They are a bunch of .json with info related to Scenes and stuff.


Yes, my games has physics. The problem is that the engine occupies 1.4MB


我的游戏中加入了物理引擎、音效(音效格式为mp3、wav格式)、ttf字体,请问如何将creator 1.9.2版本的项目构建完成后,整合成一个单独的HTML文件发布到Facebook上,目前使用的整合成一个HTML工具无法起到作用。


It is possible to make playable ads using cocos 2.1?
I checked the link on git but i don’t understand chinese


Yes, anyone able to make playable with cocos 2.1? Any English tutorials?