Audio issue in 3.17

Audio issue in 3.17


with regret this is not a perfect solution, I will try to test more android device to test if init will failed. solve it if reproduce.

Could we know the crash occurs in what android device, and what android version by Google Play Console ? @vkreal2


Test audio: (play -> pause -> resume) on Device

Xiaomi MI 4, Android 4.4.4, API 19

Vivo Y66, Android 6.0.1 API 23

Samsung SM-G9350, Android 8.0, API 26

No crash occur, might this crash only occur on some specific android device.


@drelaptop check this.



Just saying: Huawei sucks and I had a lot of audio issues on Huawei device. It’s best to use .ogg format or even wav (but it’s big).

Hope you’ll fix these issues. Fingers crossed.


@drelaptop devices below. I will get rest of data tomorrow.

Canvas Spark 4G (Q4201)
itel A42 Plus (itel-A42Plus)	
A40 Indian (A40_Indian)	
U50A MAX (U50A_MAX)	
Galaxy Grand Prime Plus (grandpplte)	
i10 (i10)	
Griffe T1 (Griffe_T1)	
IF9035_IN (A62)	
E1 (QMobile_E1)


@vkreal2 Have you managed to fix it? I have same issue with audio on Android :confused:


are you using simple or experimental audio engine ?


@kds it’s been awhile I think we used the above solution. I haven’t noticed errors the in Google console.


@IzzyJM I was using experimental, but then, because of crashes, I switched to simple and same crashes happen. I am using arm/arm64 (in one apk) and cocos v3.15.1. In other project (cocos v3.12) with arm I don’t get any audio crashes.

And here is very strange log:

#00 pc 000000000025f25c /data/app/package-5Od3B67MGtWWHG46cz-KSA==/lib/arm/ (_ZN12AudioManager8pauseAllEv+11)
#01 pc 000000000027ce95 /data/app/package-5Od3B67MGtWWHG46cz-KSA==/lib/arm/ (Java_org_cocos2dx_lib_Cocos2dxRenderer_nativeOnResume+40)
#02 pc 000000000006460f /data/app/package-5Od3B67MGtWWHG46cz-KSA==/oat/arm/base.odex

onResume is called but then “pauseAll” on AudioManager (it calls directly cocos audio to pause sounds and music). I re-checked the code and I call pauseAll and resumeAll only in AppDelegate when app goes background/foreground.


Hmm… I see that in the next cocos releases lots of audio issues were fixed.


I would definitely be using 3.17.1 if you have audio issues.


Yeah, the only reason why I stayed with v3.15.1 is Tizen support.