Xpell is a P2E MMORTS game created with Cocos Creator

Xpell is a P2E MMORTS game that has been created by CC 3.6, this game is utilizing Telos Blockchain for micro-transactions like in-game trades and paying XPL tokens.

The mechanic of the game is so simple. However, players have to choose different strategies to win and conquer the other players. Players must construct/upgrade different types of buildings and train/upgrade various units to dominate the other players. The ultimate goal of the game is to find Crowns or Trophies by attacking the Capital which is placed in the center of the world map.

Besides, an interesting part of the developments is that we’ve utilized AI to generate 80% of graphic content, all buildings and environments are generated by AI.

Google Play:

App Store:
Coming soon!

To play the game player doesn’t need to know about Blockchain, however, you need a blockchain account to play, if you want a free account creation link to play I’ll send you, just let me know!

Join us: Telegram: Contact @PositronEco
Follow us for more news: https://twitter.com/xpellio


Wow, interesting, which AI do you use for generate graphic?

Stable Diffusion 1.5 with our custom AI model.