XIAOMI Android 8.1 crashes in Google Play Console

XIAOMI Android 8.1 crashes in Google Play Console

I got a lot of crashes in Android 8.1 with this stack trace:

#00 pc 0000000000382d34 /data/app/com.generamobile.ramboat-kpkXoikeYZqN7MdDsW5S4Q==/lib/arm/libcocos2dcpp.so (cocos2d::GLProgram::bindAttribLocation(std::string const&, unsigned int) const+11)
#01 pc 000000000033baab /data/app/com.generamobile.ramboat-kpkXoikeYZqN7MdDsW5S4Q==/lib/arm/libcocos2dcpp.so (cocos2d::LayerColor::onDraw(cocos2d::Mat4 const&, unsigned int)+10)
#02 pc 000000000038b783 /data/app/com.generamobile.ramboat-kpkXoikeYZqN7MdDsW5S4Q==/lib/arm/libcocos2dcpp.so (cocos2d::Renderer::visitRenderQueue(cocos2d::RenderQueue&)+450)
#03 pc 000000000038c743 /data/app/com.generamobile.ramboat-kpkXoikeYZqN7MdDsW5S4Q==/lib/arm/libcocos2dcpp.so (cocos2d::Renderer::render()+42)
#04 pc 000000000035452d /data/app/com.generamobile.ramboat-kpkXoikeYZqN7MdDsW5S4Q==/lib/arm/libcocos2dcpp.so (cocos2d::Scene::render(cocos2d::Renderer*)+172)
#05 pc 0000000000371373 /data/app/com.generamobile.ramboat-kpkXoikeYZqN7MdDsW5S4Q==/lib/arm/libcocos2dcpp.so (cocos2d::Director::drawScene()+122)
#06 pc 0000000000371417 /data/app/com.generamobile.ramboat-kpkXoikeYZqN7MdDsW5S4Q==/lib/arm/libcocos2dcpp.so (cocos2d::DisplayLinkDirector::mainLoop()+38)
#07 pc 00000000000b164f /data/app/com.generamobile.ramboat-kpkXoikeYZqN7MdDsW5S4Q==/oat/arm/base.ode

They are all Xiaomi devices (Red). Any clue how to solve this?

Cocos2d-x version is 3.7.0

Cocos 3.7 is pretty old, you should probably update to 3.17

Not a choice, the game is in production since 4 years ago and updating the engine means a lot of rework that can’t afford

is it 100% crash on Android 8.1?


can you share link to game?


Could someone help me with this? Crash reports keep growing, I have searched trough forum and found this from thread:

Fixed rendering of some Xiaomi phones due to Stencil buffer status problems

I know it’s cocos creator and JS, but could it be related with my problem?

Its working with my 2 Oreo devices running 8.1
Asus zenfone max pro m1 and Motorola G5 plus

It only crashes with these Xiaomi devices:

Redmi 5 Plus
Redmi Note 5 Pro
Redmi S2
Mi Note 3

Ohk, we dont have those devices.
If you have those devices, then pls check one of my game : here-Smrt Ludo