[Xbox One][Steam] Train bandit

[Xbox One][Steam] Train bandit

Hello Cocos2d-x friends! I’m proud to finally share Train Bandit.

Train Bandit is my first cocos2d-x game to be released on Xbox One. It’s also available on Steam and iOS.

Train Bandit is a simple score attack game. The Law will attack you from both sides. Your weapon is your keyboard. Or maybe it’s your game controller. Or just your thumbs. You’ll use them to kick the living shit out of the law. React quickly by attacking the correct direction. React…or you’re dead.

I hope you enjoy it!

Cocos2d-x and XBOX One
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I like it, but you need you too add some bg music for gameplay, you like have some in menu, but overall game is just silent, fx not count, even they are nice.


Congrats Rusty!


Also, it’s always very hard and game over at 60 points for me. I want more situations with 2 bandits or complex before 60… and speed just increasing limiting you very fast. I believe you should tweak complexity curve and add more situation, in such way make game harder should be better.