#x-studio365, a game development tool based on Cocos2d-x

#x-studio365, a game development tool based on Cocos2d-x
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Do you mean a scence published by cocosstudio?


Yes, i have spriteSheet in some scenes…


I guess we are missing of Unparrenting option from RMB at object in Object inspector.
here : https://github.com/halx99/x-studio365/issues/66


Sorry, I don’t understand what do you mean?


x-studio365 10.0.2600.256 (2017.9.28) MD5:8db2f20004a07987d4374a32f5e24f01

  1. [UI Editing] Bugfix: Could not import some .ccs project.
  2. [UI Editing] Bugfix: Editor will crash when save project when a modified scene was removed.
  3. [Setup] Reduce setup package to 15MBytes.
  4. [Lua Debugging] Bugfix: Disable/enable breakpoint through context menu does not work.
  5. [UI Editing] Add default design size config for software settings and set 1334x750 as default
  6. [Code Editing] Bugfix: Could not save ascii view document.


for past couple of years I’ve been using 1334x750 as design resolution. Recently i switched to 1920x1080. Something you might want to consider.

Btw awesome work! :smiley:


AHa. It’s configurable.


The x-studio365 specific csb reader is published: https://github.com/halx99/x-studio365


x-studio365 10.0.3000.0 (2017.10.30) MD5: dadcc82e28141de87a2cf909faea7d89

  1. [UI Editing] Upgrade csb reader to 10.0.3000.0, export TextFieldEx to csb.
  2. [UI Editing] Bugfix: Node Order operation context menu problem.
  3. [UI Editing] Bugfix: load csb, Layout plist is missing when save.
  4. [Project Explorer] Add folder reference support.
  5. [Project Explorer] New file templates
  6. [Unity Lua Debugging] Could not attach to unity, sync 32bit debugging features to 64bit application
  7. [Code Editing] Add temp copy&paste without clipboard occupation, shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + D
  8. [Application Manager] Multi-process quick switch.
  9. [Lua Debugging] Control the calltip width limition.
  10. [Lua Debugging] Debug toobar buttons chould not display when Attach To Process.
  11. [Lua Debugging] Attach To Process breakpoint chould not hit for cocos2d-x games.
  12. [Lua Debugging] Delete/Disable breakpoints by context menu does not affects at runtime
  13. [Project Explorer] Improve performance of CTRL+P feature find file in project.
  14. [UI Editing] Bugfix: Add particle with context menu will crash.
  15. [Project Manager] Optimize project temporary file manager
  16. [Project Explorer] Add shell context menu support for project explorer
  17. [Project Manager] Switch project may block and crash.
  18. [Project Manager] Improve last opened documents speed with virtual document content load.
  19. [Main Program] Version check has bug.


x-studio365 10.0.3000.21 (2017.11.6) md5: 5cb9d612463e02d8118a2e5c330ce3dd

  1. [UI Editing] Could not save Text shadow effect properties bug
  2. [UI Editing] The rotation property could export to csd.
  3. [UI Editing] Object inspector, visible button could not trigger scene modify flag
  4. [UI Editing] Object Inspector delete object by key ‘DEL’
  5. [Project Explorer] Find in files could affect reference folders
  6. [UI Editing] Make sure Scene always visible when open a design ui.
  7. [UI Editing] Object inspector, rename not correct.
  8. [UI Editing] Publish .json will missing panel when it’s only has one child
  9. [UI Editing] Make Scene background color changeable.
  10. [UI Editing] Fix some crash bugs


Tried to download on Windows 7 x64 from http://en-us.x-studio365.com/


404: Not Found


The aviable download link:http://x-studio365.com/dl.php?host=local


I saw that when I updated to the latest version it shows thr word “trial” in the name.
Is it not free anymore? and how much does it cost?


The latest version: x-studio365 10.0.3300.163 now is published, I
guess, you are missing many versions since 10.0.3000.0.
now it’s code & text editing & lua debug feature becoming more and more powerful.
Full UTF-8 support & auto text encoding detect.
The coding feature is based on the powerful code edit ctrl “scintilla 4.03”.
sorry for poor of release log for english, because my personal time is limited.
If you unstandard chinese or use google translatation, you can visit: http://x-studio365.com/update-logs.html to see detail.