#x-studio365, a game development tool based on Cocos2d-x

#x-studio365, a game development tool based on Cocos2d-x
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download link is error, please fix it



here click on big blue button in case if u cant read Chinese. Setup is in English by default.


Hello, everyone who are using or interested in this editor:

For make this software more better, if you have any bug and feature request, please send to the issues tracker repo: https://github.com/halx99/x-studio365

The all the shortcuts also could be found at the repo.

Thanks for all of your’s feedback.


Great, thanks for your hard work


Is it possible to make something like , i drop spriteSheet node in the scene and than i drop my rest of sprites inside as a child of spriteSheet node and than that spriteSheet can export as a sprite which is only going to be use for that scene without changing my sprite’s position?

currently when I am dropping my sprites inside spriteSheet , it rearranges itself and changed my desire position of sprite.

How am I supposed to use this spriteSheet feature that don’t make any changes to the sprites which are already been placed. while i don’t know which one asset is going to be use for each map.Right now I have a huge library and I am randomly dropping any sprite inside my scene according to best fits of my requirement. at the same time after developed whole scene i am trying to put those sprites inside spriteSheet but it changes the sprite’s position.


I think, the feature, maybe I can add a option such as ‘IsAutoAdjustLayout’ to control whether rearranges the dropping sprites.


I create a issue for this feature, you can see at: https://github.com/halx99/x-studio365/issues/31


ok, thanks for adding that thing. But i don’t understand exactly. What will actually ‘IsAutoAdjustLayout’ do? You mean it will allow us to choose option for… we want to change the sprite’s position inside spriteSheet or not? that kind of something? If yes …will I be able to place my all sprites inside spriteSheets which i have already placed and designed as a level? Or I have to redesign that level to put those sprites in spriteSheet?


pretty excited for version 10.0.2600.0 It has many cool features about to come according to its Milestone.


I think, after we drag & drop a sprite to SpriteSheet, then, the designed level which is using the sprite should change reference to SpriteFrame. @gplayers what do u think about this?


reference to SpriteFrame, Thats better because it can make easy to scale that spriteFrame. So we can easily able to change the size of it to fit the required different types of screen resolution by just scaling it.

Yesterday, I tried to put sprites inside new developed SpriteSheet node and it was holding it as it is on it desired position. but the thing is its exporting it as one single .png file. Its not holding separate images.

What we should have is…position of sprite must be as it is at where we have placed inside the scene file. but at the render time it should get path from .plist file. This .plist file must have separate image sprites as usual.


maybe this feature chould be implemented as CocoStudio does. use spriteframe as preferred. If spriteFrame not exist, then use seperated image insteaded.


Yes, this could be solution. But just have look at this screen below from my game:

In the image above i really don’t need any sprite as separated actually after once aligned it in game scene. So, its even better to load 1 single .png image which is been created using current spriteSheet creation tool.

But, there some cases at where i will need to add something behind the grass layer in the image above by coding or may be i want to animate only grass using wave shader, In that case i will need those grass to be as separated.

So all i want to say, developer should have options before exporting SpriteSheet,

  1. either export as 1 single png file which will not have separated sprites to read from .plist
  2. Or export as separated sprites packed inside 1 single .png file. In this option sprite placement inside scene shouldn’t change.


Great, I got it.:grinning:


is is possible to expect the upcoming release version 10.0.2600.0 after 10 days? How many days approx it will take to release…I have to hold making progress any how till the update comes for that version.


Now, I publish the version 10.0.2600.196 without some features of the milestone 10.0.2600.X.


well, I have just downloaded now on my new system. I have downloaded latest version but, : look at this : https://youtu.be/W1Mt9agfYoo


OK, Let me check why print so much ‘emplace failed!’


Do you have SpriteSheet in some scene?


X-studio can’t read json files which support in cocos studo