#x-studio365, a game development tool based on Cocos2d-x

#x-studio365, a game development tool based on Cocos2d-x
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x-studio365 10.0.2200.0

  1. Full support HSV shading for sprite, now,chould be publish to csb
  2. Optimize Save all document with modified documents
  3. PropertyGrid: fix problem of changing value by spin ctrl
  4. Fix asset import problem


Good job, I just tested the encryption tools and they’re awesome. Rignt now I’m creating some simple games with the editor to test it and so far is really good. You also seem to update it quite frequently which is great


This is great . thanks for improving it fast. At this time m busy in my game UI and as usual i feel few common needs are

  1. copy/clone of the designed scene from inside editor. Its good to have. Can save lot of time instead crating whole new scene.
  2. please, bring the thumbnail view of sprites in object’s inspector.
  3. Is it possible to that sprite does take the name of image name at the drag and drop on stage? If we do copy it should add number after it like image, image1…etcc…
    just look at this…

I have to keep those sprite as separate to develop more maps but I will pushback all those in 1 spritesheet for each level later using spritesheet tool from inside editor which is experimental based right now.


Aha, your scene looks so cool.


hahah, thanx. :slight_smile: My own brush painted art


Do you mean the image file name, such as xxxx.png
at the 3rd question ?


I think he wants just the name of the file without the extension


but, cuttently, it is already take the realitive path of the image file when drag drop to stage.


When you drag an image and drop it on the scene, it creates a new sprite which is named sprite_xx, what he is proposing is that when you do this, the name of the new created sprite be the name of the file you dragged plus a number if necessary.


I have a question.
is it possible to zoom in/out the stage? if not, it would be a great feature.


Yes, you can just press Ctrl+Alt+MouseWhell to zoom in/out the stage.


is there a shortcut to move the stage to the original position?


Yes, you can just select the stage, then click the layout toolbar’s button: center. For this station, It’s just like a normal UI Node. you also use the context menu of the stage to recovery the scale of stage(when stage is selected)


It’d be great if you could document all the shortcuts in one place.


Yes, i mean only the file name not the extension for sprite name to be. I am using Alt + mouseWheel scroll for zoom in- out . If u want reset zoom, select scene from Object Inspector and right click on stage > select > Recovery Scale . If u have selected object and than you use same controls u may see its scale.

btw curruntly I am using cocos2dx 3.15 from community. because last night i tried again to setup your cocos2dx365. But it brings 3 errors for not having the files. like spineSkeletoneCache.cpp, some glfwext.h, etc… i added those but errors are still continued. so, cant create new blank project some how. Curruntly my project in some super deadline so m using community cocos2dx3.15 with this great game editor. Lucky, it works same as it is yet. So my project moves furtherer.


do you seen this scirpt: https://github.com/halx99/cocos2d-x/blob/v3/copy_missing_files_cpp.bat, you need config the system or user envirament COCOS2DX_ROOT to the path of engine_root, then copy the script file to the new empty project’s root directory, then execute it, it will copy missing souce file automatically.

And there is anothor script copy_missing_files_lua.bat for empty-lua-project.


I will document its when I have time.


@gplayers does the anwser of zerodarkzone right?


I didn’t saw that script before and I was just copying all the missing files by hand. It’s great to know it


ya thats great to hear you have developed such script. but i guess having document is better to know how to setup because system environment is already i have set.