X-studio 2022.1.0 coming soon

The x-studio introduction: x-studio.github.io/README_EN.md at master · simdsoft/x-studio.github.io · GitHub

  • Update date: 2021.12.??
  • Update content:
    1. [Coding] Add Lua condition breakpoint support
    2. [Coding] Add Lua debug step out support, Shift+F11
    3. [Coding] Optimize Lua code indent
    4. [Coding] Optimize Run to Cursor, could start debugging and run to cursor
    5. [Coding] lua-compile.bat can compile compatible luajit bytecode, runs on ARM,x86,x64 and others.
    6. [Coding] Set code project as default
    7. [Coding] Update Scintilla to 5.1.4
    8. [Coding] Lua debugger don’t change debug target chunk name any more
    9. [Coding] Fix MiniMap scrollbar draw issue when Word Wrap enabled
    10. [Coding] Optimize lua debugger breakpoint match
    11. [Coding] Fix line endings character detetion incorrect
    12. [Coding] Fix Open folder may recognize file as folder at some time
    13. [Coding] Optimize comment/ucomment feature, will auto perform stream comment or block comment like visual studio
    14. [Coding] Support remove file readonly properties
    15. [Coding] Lua debugger, add prompt the breakpoint can’t be hit due to case mismatch
    16. [Coding] Optimize output window message colors
    17. [Coding] Lua debugger, auto bring debug target window to front after continue run
    18. [Coding] Update Clang-Format to 13.0.0
    19. [Codesign] Use single code sign with sha256 instead double code sign sha1+sha256
    20. [License] Display locale time zone at license dialog
    21. [Compatible] Add workaround fix for scrollbars scroll lagging on windows 11
    22. [CmdLine] Add xxh3 64/128 bits digiest compute support
    23. Other improvements

Now x-studio 2022.1.0 released, please download at:

x-studio 2022.1.4 released (2/21/2022)

  1. [Coding] Improve lua debugging error handler
  2. [Encrypt System] Fix direct copy types not store to encrypt-cfg.xml
  3. [Core] Improve software compatible