Wrong rendering of hexagonal Tiledmap on 3.3.2


It seems 3.3.2 is not rendering hexagonal TileMaps properly

here is how it should look, on tiledmap:

here is the cocos creator scene view:


Render view:

At first i thought it was the FIX_ARTIFACTS_BY_STRECHING_TEXEL_TMX bamboozlement all over again, but it seems this is no longer being used.

Here is a sample project:

wirewalksms.zip (1.2 MB)

I tried to build it as simple as possible with even, 16x16 hexagonal tiles that match perfectly


I can ask engineering to have a look.

thank youuu my mannn

Sorry for taking so long to reply, we have already set up a relevant issue to investigate. If there is progress, we will reply here as soon as possible.

This is the fix pr for this problem, which can be merged.
Remember to recompile the engine for it to take effect.



thank you!

But recompiling the engine may be a bit too much for me haha I will wait for next release.

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