Would you like to see paid support?

Would you like to see paid support?


Hi Everyone,

Can you please take a few moments and answer 3 quick questions:

We find your feedback valuable and we appreciate it a great deal.

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@mausmausgames fixed. thank you.



Oh, you added the possibility to enter the country and preferred payment method after I submitted:
My answers to that: Germany, Paypal.


Thank you!


I would like to have it, but for me it more looks impossible to solve all users issues or solution time will be to big.

Right now seems only SDKBOX team taking care of users issues.

Core cocos2d-x team usually ignores you in forum and act only on git submitted issues.



As I would like to see others thoughts, I am posting mine here:

+1 pay per incident
-1 yearly

One aspect of Cocos that I love is the community driven forums. It is always my first stop to trying to solve an issue, as hopefully someone there has already had and dealt with it, or if I post something hopefully someone will respond in a timely fashion to help me out. Occasionally, one of my forum posts is never answered, leaving me to toil over it to get a solution or a workaround. This is especially painful when I feel like my issue should be obvious but I just can’t solve it. This is when I would love to be able to pay someone more knowledgeable that me to help me out. If I post something and in a day or 2 (or if I need it faster, hours) there is no response, I could pay to get it expedited, great.

My concern about a yearly support fee is that it would reduce the usage of the forums and people would go straight to the paid support, and those solutions may not make it back to the community.

One thought on how to keep the community strong while providing paid support, if the support tech deems this issue to have value to the community, then they could post it to the forums, and give a discount to the customer that paid for the incident.


I think it is best per project.
It could be US$ 100 - US$ 500 per project.
Or cocos2d-x team can ask royalty share from project owner.
From 10% to 35%, depend on how much contribution cocos2d-x team give in project!
Well, it’s all up to cocos2d-x team to decide.


Royalty share bad idea )
Like you got 1 million $ and should pay 100k for fixing some issue for you?:slight_smile:


Isn’t the forum for letting people get support from people all around the world?
So why should we pay…I do not get it


What I meant was not only fixing some issue…
But all programming problem in all platform!
Whether it is memory leak, how to implement that feature in iOS, anything.
Everything related to cocos2d-x.
You mention it!

I am not too greedy about royalty share.
But to me 10% is the maximum I can share if one day cocos2d-x team decide to help in my game.
I have other team members who have also royalty shares.
I want to make a lot of game.
My only problems are programmers.
I need them.

The memory leak is one issue I really need cocos2d-x team to fix.
Once for all.
For eternity.


Well, I don’t like the idea of royalties at all.

Imagine Adobe would take royalties for every asset you created with PhotoShop, just because they fixed something in PS.

They did not create the asset, but the designer did.
The same could be said about an engine. The engine is just a tool, which is used to implement a game, but it does not create the game.
An engine is also different to a service like IAP or ads. These things are providing additional benefits for your game and throughout the lifetime of your game. On the contrary, an engine is just an one-time investment.

So your suggestion is similar to what Epic, Crytek, Unity and all the major players are doing right now: They take a monthly fee and x% royalties after making x money after x months.

If there is paid support, it would vote for a fixed amount. Basically the same stuff you get with a SLA contract or by buying an engine.


Well, some Devs/Studios might want to pay to get dedicated support. With our current model, yes, we rely on the community. This is the best model as far as I am concerned.

This topic comes about due to this: How to get help


Professional services are well known source of income to OpenSource and not OpenSource projects in bigger industries Like in the Telecom industry .
There is no problem with this .
But revenue share is bad idea . and i think you should avoid it .

I think you are Aiming in the wrong direction with the engine .
take the Unity3d business model .

  1. Build good 2d/3d editor , ( lite and pro versions )
  2. Make good assent store take 30% from creators ,
  3. Pay license for pro editor if game revenue is above XX$$
  4. Create Ad network ( this is where the real money!! )


Want to play a guessing game? If I told you that at least 1 of these items was being worked on…lol.


If you actually want to pay for some support, contact me and lets talk about models and how it would work. Please.


Current support is rely on community, but there are plenty of post not get answered or reply in the forum.

The chance we get help to solve the engine issues ( bugs from the engine) or to implement new features from Cocos Team is even less, post at forum or report at GitHub would not get response most of the time.

We have to search here and there but end up with no result for urgent problems.
So if there is paid support which can help to solve the problems is good.

I can see the SDKBOX support on forum are very good and would like to see the same for Cocos engine.

However, what would happen to the “free” support after paid support implemented?
Does it mean the chance we get help from Cocos team is zero as they busy on the paid support, or can’t response to us as not fair to the paid support user?


No, nothing changes, currently. There will always be free support. This is an ask of the community with what they would want with paid support.



Thanks for the info.

The community ask for paid support because there is not much fast and free support on forum besides SDKBOX issues.