Windows10 and cocos2dx-3.16

Windows10 and cocos2dx-3.16
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Thanks for your effort. I hope support comes back with 3.17.


I want the support of UWP! Thanks!


I replied in the other thread you stated this in.

Cocos2d-x 3.16 and proj.win32 with visual studio 2017 dont add on package sqlite3.dll, libcurl.dll, libmpg123.dll, websockets.dll

With help of @CrazyHappyGame and some modifications I have compiled the cpp-tests as 64bit UWP with version 3.16 using Visual Studio 2017 (and sigh VS 2015)

Unfortunately I blog in german - but you will understand what I have done:

Feel free to comment or contact me if there are any questions…