Windows10 and cocos2dx-3.16

Windows10 and cocos2dx-3.16
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Does it mean that I can not longer build proj.win10 with cocos2dx-3.16?

MS maintians Win10 related platform, but it doesn’t continue to maintain it. So we remove it. Which means cocos2d-x based games can not run on Win10 metro mode and Windows Phones, but you can run it in Win32 mode.

But I still see lots win10/winrt folders in latest

How can publish “Win32 mode” app in Microsoft Store?



Bye win :slight_smile:


oh no! I almost finishing porting ours game to windows 10 :confused:


Windows support is NOT going away.


Oh no! I’m sad to see Windows 10 support go.

Currently I’m using Windows 10 for Xbox One. (First game using this is shipping on Thursday!) So I might stick with an older version of Cocos2d-x for now.


What is current status and plans for future?


It is because we can easily add it back if we want to support Win10 some day. Currently, there is not plan for Win 10 supporting. I will create a new thread about it if we decide to support it again.

What’s the relationship of Xbox One and Windows 10?


@zhangxm, in order to develop a Cocos2d-x game for the Xbox One you must run it as a 64-bit UWP app, which rules out the use of win32. Some relevant info can be found here: Releasing a Windows Universal Platform (UWP) Game for Xbox One

Assuming I upgrade to 3.16 and still retain and use the win10/ build folder, will that work? I’m going to try it out since I’m also marching towards a commercial release of a title on Xbox One. Thanks.


May work, i am not sure. The only thing changed in v3.16 is that bullet library is missed, and i think you don’t need it, but you should change the project setting to remove the dependence of bullet.


Could you just restore deleted win10 files? (without official support)
I will try to fix all missing win10 dependencies and will try to setup appveyor for win10.


By the way what about CMake? (There were some discussion in past …)
Currently all platforms Android/Mac/iOS/Linux/Win support CMake.



@CrazyHappyGame I think you can copy the files from old engine version, you can you revert the PR if you get engine codes from github.

About CMake, yep, i think we should use CMake for all platforms, i will find a time to change to use CMake. Because it modified so many things, so it may not be so quick.


Looking from my personal experience and the way cocos has been developed in the last years, it’s not very uncommon case when developers have to stick to older version. I’m forced to stick with 3.10 because Cocos Studio support was completely broken in 3.11, Cocos Studio itself was cancelled and my project havily depends on CS.

It’s very very bad situation when developers have to do such things. I understand that cocos2d-x is free and we don’t have any rights to teach developers or blame their vision and decisions, but I will definitely use another game engine in my next project.


It’s not possible. You should build your application as WinRT or UWP (Win10) to be able to publish the application in Windows Store. The only workaround is to have small WinRT (or UWP) application which is published in the Windows Store and is used just to download Win32 executable to enable full functionality. At least, I did this for VPN client for Win 8.1+ that was succesfully published few years ago. Not sure if MS will allow this trick now, and definitely it’s not the option for XBOX.


Only a idea:
Maybe supporting the 64-bit UWP on Cocos2d-X is a better choice as the win32 selection.
and win32 is only “unsupported” on it.


This is very unfortunate. I have two Win10 apps released in the Windows store based on cocos2d-x. So I guess I’m stuck at 3.15.1.


With all this new … changes, it’s ok that you are stuck at some version. :joy:


I was able to build and publish win10 cocos2dx 3.16 app with changes:

Pull request was accepted so there is a chance that cocos2dx 3.17 will work for win10.



Maybe we can use win32 app with “Windows Application Packaging Project”?



Is it only for C# projects? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: