Windows build error of empty project in v2.0.9 & v2.0.8

Windows build error of empty project in v2.0.9 & v2.0.8

Hi @slackmoehrle,

I can not build for windows right now with cocos as the produced output application crashes on launch.
I have used empty project for test.

I have checked and faced same issue on v2.0.8 and v2.0.9.
Also 1.9.3’s output works fine.

See image.

Can anyone check and let me know if they are able to build for windows in v.2.0+ versions.

@Big_Bear @knox might be able to help us with this.

Same Issue exists in v2.0.10 as well.
See the logs below

make sure that you build the project in vs2017
you can delete the “build” and “library” folder and try again

it seems that your development env has some problem
pls check it

it seems that your development env has some problem.
Not sure what to change, as the same machine compiles correctly in case of 1.9.3

make sure that you build the project in vs2017
Yes. It is in 2017

@Big_Bear @slackmoehrle
Would really appreciate any update regarding this.
As I am stuck in this case.

Could u maybe try building for windows in your environment and let me know if you are able to build for windows in 2.0.x versions.

Because I am able to build correctly for windows as usual from 1.9.3 version,
but in 2.0.x version the project is compiled but crashes at startup.


The error reported in visual studio at startup is same as the above ,if it helps.

@shishir451 so I could open a new project and just build for windows from the build panel is what you want me to do?

I tested “HelloWorld” project on win10 VS2017, and it runs well, I can not reproduce your problem

Thank you for taking the time to try it.

Atleast now I know its something I have to figure it out what’s happening.

Could you have any idea what may be happening based on the below screenshot

What I have seen this issue is happened when used VS2015 to build project, as I know it cause by problematic system environment, for example not install the vs runtime, the graphics card driver is need to update, etc.

@Big_Bear I have the same issue, my project run on cocos creator 1.9.3 but when I make a build for windows and run on windows10 in vs2017 is gives me this error please help me out

I also get same issue, what you have done for this type of error

you can try to reinstall visual studio, and make sure those option is selected(sorry, I only have Chinese version), and those environment software is installed

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this is my vsconfig, you can reference it:

	"version": "1.0",
	"components": [

or you can try to use Visual Studio Installer and import it

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Thanks, it is working now, but edit-box is not taking input for username and password, keyboard is not working, trying to find solution,

@Big_Bear @slackmoehrle Hello everything is working fine now, But I have one issue left if I make build Debug/Release its make a Folder that contain lots of .dll, .lib, .pdb and .exe file in Debug.win32 folder.
If I run hello_world.exe from this folder its run but if I move this hello_world.exe to desktop then its give error of libcocos2d.dll was not found.
I want to make single .exe file that can be used on any windows desktop.
Please help, Thanks

you need some third party package tools to help you pack all the files of Release.win32(or Debug.win32) folder into a single exe file.
like:Enigma Virtual Box

@Big_Bear @slackmoehrle thanks its working now :slight_smile:
But after making EXE from Enigma Virtual Box its work on my windows10 pc and on windows 7 But its give error of libcocos2d.dll was not found on others windows10 pc. I have checked for this solution on various sit on google and I found that we have to put libcocos2d.dll to that pc on c:/windows/system32 etc, but this is not a proper solution, if we want to publish or distribute our game to other player to play.
I have found that in my Relese.win32 folder there is libcocos2d.dll, then why its give error.
Please help me out, thanks.