Will we have cocos 3d version in near future?

Will we have cocos 3d version in near future?
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I just want to know if we will have 3d version of cocos2dx like other 3d gaming engine? Actually I want to learn 3d gaming.


go unity for 3d:) cocos2d only 2d or very small games with 3d


We support 3D, but it is not production ready for complex games. If you really want 3D then I would suggest you check out Unity or Unreal.


Thanks for your reply, I know that currently we have only few 3d animation in cocos2dx. I was just asking if we would have complete 3d version of cocos (just like unity or unreal) in near future?


in the near future, no.


ok, thanks for replying


The engine team is rewriting the 3D framework under the editor of Cocos Creator.
Since we don’t want to make the current 2D framework too heavy, the new 3D framework would be a totally new one. After all, keep the 2D framework lite, small and fast is still very very important.

I don’t think the new 3D framework can be ready in 2017.


thanks for replying , actually I am thinking to work on 3D games, so as I am quite familiar with cocos2dx ,it would be easy to learn 3D gaming rather than trying new one.
Thanks Again!


Can you please reveal some details about upcoming 3d engine.


Will it be like current cocos2d-x version will be splited to current with 3d support and clean from 3d stuff?


It will use Cocos Creator as the editor, and with a new 3D framework from the ground up. The first version of 3D framework is being written in pure JavaScript and HTML5, and later we may port it to C++ to speed up (in 2018?)

Splitted to current one without 3D support (cocos2d-x-lite), and a new 3D framework.