Will Lua support continue to be maintained?

Will Lua support continue to be maintained?
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On my latest trip to the API Reference to look up something, I noticed that there are no links specifically for Lua and, although the C++ documentation has a Lua button, it doesn’t work. Is this a sign that Lua support might be dropped or not be maintained sufficiently to rely upon.

I get to work on my lua-based cocos2d-x project only occasionally. It may be a few more years in developmentl. It would be good to know now rather than then if what I’m writing may not be supported when completed.


Let me look…Lua is built along side c++.


Thanks for the reply, but I don’t understand how it relates to my question.


You were asking about documentation and the documentation for Lua API is built alongside the C++ docs. Lua API Docs works for me:

Are you using the same API-Ref?


Strange. That wasn’t working for me the other day: when I pressed the button top right to swap to lua, nothing changed in the main window. Seems fine now though.


Let me know if you see something happening and I can take a look again.