Will cocos-engine be released as independent c++ engine?


Will cocos-engine be released as independent c++ engine? (E.g.:Next cocos2d-x 5.0)

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Not to my knowledge. But time is a progression.

TBH i dont think there will be any next update coming to Cocos2dx (My personal thought).
You need to switch to Creator.

I’d say bugs, platform fixes etc. but major features I’d say not currently.

I wish but I also think that the only way is to switch to Creator as I see cocos2dx totally dead.

I’m stuck with cocos2dx because I never used JS and I never made games with any other engine.

I’m thinking that in my case, my only option is to migrate my games to other FW. As Godot uses C++ too, do you think the migration would be very painful? @smitpatel88 any thoughts?

@CocosMarketing ?

Cocos2dx dead, really? Isn’t cocos creator based on cocos2dx? Is there anything you can do in cocos creator that you can’t in cocos2dx?
I only chose cocos because of c++ so if it becomes obsolete i probably go with Godot ot unreal. I hope it doesn’t happen

I am still using 3.17 (because 4.0 requires to forget about too many ios devices). It still works pretty well. I hope they will keep the coos2d-x engine available for quite a long time. I would not like to switch to another engine

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Me too. I am on cocos2dx 4.0 and I love it.
I understand that cocos creator is cool and appealing to many, but it’s not for me.

It has nothing to do with JS. If you are using C++ then you can easily switch to Creator.

If you want to switch then Creator will be best option for you as you already know basic architecture of the engine so you dont need to learn from scratch.
Godot gives option to code in C# not C++.