Why New tutorial-examples does not exists?

Why New tutorial-examples does not exists?
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I have only find About Cocos Studio and is deprecated. Anyone can send more recents tutorials examplea?


If you want to understand how cocos studio connects the scene with the code look at the makeschool.com course. But yes, is deprecated and unfinished… but still working.

All of our projects were made with cocos studio: http://iclassicscollection.com/en/collection/


I have a good idea about it, but I’d rather keep my sarcasm to myself. :smile:

By the way, it is not entirely clear from your post if you are looking for tutorials about Android Studio or cocos2d-x or maybe Cocos Creator too.


You mad? Why? Haha
“discuss.cocos2d-x”. No more needed


I am!, who else will spend free time on this forum? :smile:
Seriously, you use cocos2d-x category, but mention Cocos Studio which belongs to Editors and Tools category. So?

p.s. I wrote Android Studio in the previous post, but I meant the Cocos Studio of course.


Cocos Studio was just an example. Maybe isn’t totally clear for you, but it is for the member up there. :wink:


Really? How many members answered you except me? Wait … 1 member recommended you the tutorial for Cocos Studio and you did not even bother to thank him.
Well this is a good start on this forum. :smile:


Poor people of makeschool.com, they are useless… no one vet will help someone who comes being toxic like that.

Where is the respect for the older people? :tired_face::tired_face::sweat::sweat::sleeping::sleepy:

P.S. I used a lot of emojis because i have a teenager soul yet.


You are not able to express your thoughts clearly, you are not able to use the engine without step by step tutorial, you are not able to respect other people. Oh, boy… you are useless.

to slackmoehrle
If you accidentally see this, then please do not delete his posts so that other members of our community can see who should not be helped.


I like your emojis, sometimes it is the shortest way to express an idea and it makes communication more fun in my opinion. :sunny: