Why is initWithData excluded from Texture2D?

Why is initWithData excluded from Texture2D?
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Hi, I need to be able to fetch an image from a server via HTTP and then parse the response into a texture to display in a sprite.
I can manage this in javascript running in the browser by using built in browser functionality > window.URL.createObjectURL
But when running in a Native environment of course this functionality is not available. So I want to pass my HTTP request response data to a Texture2D directly via initWithData. But it turns out that the initWithData method is explicitly skipped from the JSB. I just wanted to check what the reason for this is. If I can’t use initWithData, is there any other way I can get an image fetched via HTTP into a texture2D when running on native not in a browser?


i also want to know why,who can tell me why initWithData excluded from Texture2D in jsbinding ?


I too would want to know


WHY NOBODY answers here?

It’s 2/2016 and we still have the same problem!

Is there a good way to do it somehow??


Until now this question haven’n answered yet?. I also want to know too, cause now have to using this method!!!


Question is actual for me too