Who wants to do a video interview?

Would anyone be interested in doing a video interview with us? We would talk about you, your games, cocos brand, etc. if you are using Creator +10

Ping me if you want to slackmoehrle@cocos2d-x.org

@gmayer @dogwalker @Rusty @Karg

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I may not be the best guy, because I don’t use Creator. I started with the old Objective C cocos, wrote everything by hand, then converted to C++ and the newer cocos2d-x. People at work laugh at me, I still write stuff in emacs! :slight_smile:

On the other hand, my apps do run great on iOS, Windows, and Mac, which thrills me. And I slowly add more each year.


Why not let me practice on you to get flow and harmony down? :slight_smile: if you don’t like the result I will only show it internally to my co-workers for feedback. @dogwalker

Sure, we can try. Send me an idea of what we’d discuss (I believe you still have my email?), and some times you’d like to consider!

I’ll send you a stream of electrons that magically appear as an email when received. I also only use 100% recycled electrons :slight_smile:


Leaving us pure C++ folk out in the dust… I see how it is :nerd_face:

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Nope you are totally welcome. Just saying Creator use is something we are looking to showcase. Hit me up if you want to do one.

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i’m up for it! thanks for the opportunity :slight_smile:

@karg great, drop me a line when you are ready!

same as me !:kissing_heart::heart:

What are some tools folks would feel comfortable using to conduct/record a video interview?

I tried Zoom today and it works well and only requires a small plugin.

I’m available for video interview :+1::sunglasses:
Using Creator 1.9.3 though.

Great. Can you drop me an email please? Slackmoehrle@gmail.com

@slackmoehrle I could be interested in helping you, helping us.

We’ve been using Cocos Creator all available versions for soon 2 years. We have both developer and designer perspective on Cocos Creator.

For what would these video interviews be used for mainly?

@ronsku Thanks for the reply.

We are just going to let our community and potential developers see how other developers operate, why they use our products, etc. It gives us some materials for the community plus may help out the developer who did the interview in way or sales or increased users. At least I hope that it would.

Hello @slackmoehrle, sorry for the delayed reply. I’m gonna pass on this for now - very busy with “day job”, and also getting my Android + phone versions of game out… so maybe after those are done :slight_smile:


You know where to find me :slight_smile: