Which NDK to use on 3.17.1

Which NDK to use on 3.17.1


Hello everyone I just made the upgrade to cocos2d-x v3.17.1, which NDK version is everybody using on 3.17.1 ?? version r16b or the latest (r19) ??


I’m using latest r19.
But I didn’t publish it yet to Play Market (currently on market game built with r17c)


ok sounds good, if its building fine everything should work then when its on the market right ?


Should but who knows, on market plenty of different devices


I’m using r16 because as i know, is the last version tested by cocos team. Or i’m wrong?


You should use the same what was used to build cocos: ndk16.
“All libraries should be generated with the same NDK version.”



is it possible to see which NDK was used for 3.17.1 ?

I think it might be r18b since the new template has minSDK at 16 , and api 14&15 were removed in r18b


We still used NDK16.


I see what you mean in the link but I think it means not to use 2 different NDKs to compile your project ? so if cocos team used NDK 16 to compile , but you use NDK 19 to compile your project it will be ok ? (correct me if im wrong)


The saftest option: compile everything (including cocos2dx prebuilds) in exactly the same environment: the same ndk, compiler, compiler options etc

Using different ndks may work or not …