Where is cocos2d-x.org/wiki

there is a lot of links in google that refer to it and return 404

for example I search google for “cocos2d jsb.redirection”
first result returned is
and if I click I get:
404 Not Found

Can you share an example? It should be re-directing to our docs/ now.

see my edited question

thanks. let me look at why this is failing. I redirected the whole location, I thought. My tests worked.

Edit: I am still trying to fix this.

Here is the wiki if anyone wants.

Can’t reack wiki as well.
Plus can’t click the ‘wiki’ link you just posted …
Prank ?

I fixed the link.

Thank you.
Is the wiki package available on cocos2d github ?
Plus, what happened to online wiki ?

The Wiki is not in GitHub.

The Wiki was deprecated because most of the material is really out of date.

I’ve not been able to find reference material on jsb ,without the wiki …
I’ll check the zip file .
Thanks again.