What is Create unpacker message?

What is Create unpacker message?


When I run H5 game, in the console window I am seeing messages like

Create unpacker 0af0748f3 for 9deazY5dNLlZyuBtDr0FsR

Why do I get this message?

If this is due to some resource it is using, how to I find out which resource being unpacked?


I am not sure let me ask the engineering team for assistance.


Hi, this message means, the bundle 0af0748f3 was downloaded, for the request of 9deazY5dNLlZyuBtDr0FsR
The bundle is defined in settings.js, and the url is res/imports/0a/f0748f3.json.
The 9deazY5dNLlZyuBtDr0FsR is the base64 encoded uuid. The url will be cc.AssetLibrary.getLibUrlNoExt(“9deazY5dNLlZyuBtDr0FsR”). You can see a full uuid in the url.
You can search the asset in Assets panel.



Thank you for your help