What cocos2d-x tools and editors do you use?

What cocos2d-x tools and editors do you use?

I just wonder what do you guys use on daily basis?
I only know and use cocostudio and texturePacker.
Share your own experience with other 3rd party software

Xcode, TexturePacker, Sublime Text 3, git.

I have several Xcode plug-ins installed.

I recently discovered QTCreator but I haven’t tried working in it daily as an editor.

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Visual Studio, XCode and SVN mostly. I also have Spine, R.U.B.E, TexturePacker, ParticleDesigner and GlyphDesigner.

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+1 for GlyphDesigner and R.U.B.E

C++/Java coding: qtcreator, Eclipse, gedit
JavaScript : Brackets
Graphics: Inkscape, Gimp

Ubuntu, git, cocostudio on VM

Spine seems like awesome software but its damn expensive

Visual Studio 2013, Cocos Studio, Git

C++: Xcode mostly, Eclipse, Visual Studio when necessary.
Scripting: Atom, Vim, TextWrangler
Other: CocosBuilder, TexturePacker, bmGlyph, Photoshop, git,

Will check out CocosIDE, QT Creator, Android Studio, and Cocos Studio

  • C++/Java/C#: Visual Studio 2012/2013, Xcode 5.1, Eclipse
  • ActivePerl/Python
  • Scripting: UltraEdit
  • Div tools: Internal developed tools like image packer (texture packer), animation editor, font manager, text manager/packer, level editors (however, we are currently moving from our image packer to TexturePacker and from our animation editor to Spine)
  • Other: Dedicated python and perl scripts and java/.NET applications we have created for improving our workflow
  • Versioning: Our own dedicated subversion servers with internal developed scripts dealing with div events, TortoiseSVN on Windows, Cornerstone on OSX, RapidSVN on Linux in addition to some of the builtin clients in tools like Xcode and Eclipse etc

coding: xcode, visualstudio, i’m trying out cocos code ide but haven’t used it in a real project yet.
graphics: illustrator and some photoshop, texturepacker, glyphdesigner
animation: still using cocosbuilder, plan to move soon to cocostudio

Yeah, pricey.

I was looking at Spriter, it is currently only $25 for the pro license. There is an implementation based on Cocos2D-x v2.2.2 available on their forums here, no mention of V3 but the development is still going on and quite active, probably not hard to convince the dev team to produce a new V3 implementation.

IntelliJ, Git - Jetbrains IDEs are the best.