What Cocos Creator tutorials are needed

What Cocos Creator tutorials are needed

We are looking for input on what to cover if we start a live broadcast of making a Creator game from zero.

Please don’t list some outlandish requirements. Please be sensible and draw on your experiences using it and what you wish you had while you have been developing with it.


I would like to see a little 3d game in cc 2.1.1 with camera settings/movement, some animated FBX objects, material and a bit physics.


it would be nice if the existing tutorials (example cases: https://github.com/cocos-creator/example-cases and physics example: https://github.com/2youyou2/physics-example, for instace), would keep up-to-date with the latest CC releases. i think the physics one requires some changes to compile (though i’m not sure if you’re maintaining that repository or a 3rd party), the shader examples are no longer working on 2.0.x (requiring the additional ShaderHelper), etc.

the thing i found most annoying when i’ve started with CC was that the API docs are kind of minimalistic, just listing the members of classes. it would be nice and helpful if they would be to a certain industry standard like the Adobe AS3 reference, e.g. https://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/ - that is, detailed description on how to use each member, examples cases integrated within the docs, etc.


Just having something that shows how you expect things to work, what is the right way to dynamically add things to the world, how to maintain multiple scenes, just the general flow, and keep it updated to the current version.


I would like to see also a shader. Thanks

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Thanks everyone.

We are going to take some of the videos here: https://forum.cocos.com/t/creator/44782 and create English versions.

We are also going to create a tutorial with text, code, videos, that creates a 2D game from scratch. Then we can consider a 3D game. As for a 2D game idea, I’m not sure yet. I was thinking a Dr Mario style clone. It covers a lot of technical features all at once.

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like for a noob developer like me right now its painfull so like probably dont cover every single plugin but cover basics like GPG,admob,leaderboard and share so far i was able to get 2 from this list working and every problem is because lack of tutorials

also when will these tutorials be out?

We are starting with sub-titling some of the videos that are already in Chinese then we will make new content. This will indeed be my primary focus for the next several weeks at least.


Full tutorial about animating nodes with timeline would be very helpfull. Example-cases doesn’t cover it at all. And tutorial from site only shows simple sprite animation

I would cover more simple games, like “TheAviator” (3D) and something like “FlappyBird”-Clone thing. Simple small games are more easy to understand, to dive in. And after we have many game examples, you can start doing more complex games examples, for advanced users.

As i said: through “exmaples” games / projects i can learn best, because i see how its done. In addition to that, you can do some video-tuts.

Ah and yes, a well documented API is important. Not just simple codes, that are comfusing maybe :smiley: , the best would be API docs with well explained functions, codes, examples. Would be great !

We definitely need some procedural generation guides as most 2D games and even 3D games use procedural generation. There’s as good as none information in the docs on how to generate a terrain. Also, the documentation seems to lack out on Physics.

Thanks for the feedback. There are many tutorials that teach the concepts of procedural generation. They don’t do it in Creator perhaps but concepts are concepts. I think the popularity of Spelunky really made people think about this.

We can decide what to make for the next tutorial.


Do you have any good news about tutorials? :slight_smile:

I am working on one now and it is going OK. I need to brush up on my javascript :slight_smile:

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Would folks like a tutorial in JavaScript or TypeScript? I’ve started in JavaScript but coming from c++ TypeScript seems like it might help more c++ developers get familiar with Creator without the JavaScript learning curve.


I prefer JS :slightly_smiling_face: I think that it’s more popular then TS IMHO

Typescript would fine

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Definetly JS

  1. Javascript tutorials.
  2. Scene interactions (switching scenes ‘on click’ of buttons).
  3. Dealing with multiple resolutions/different devices.
  4. Deployment check list.

I’m strongly considering doing my own tutorial series after my project is completed, seeing as I have been documenting things I’ve learnt.

------------------------------------- Side note as a new Cocos User-----------------------

I’m new to using Cocos Studio (although I’ve known about it for years). I recently just began using it two weeks ago, and I must say even with no tutorials and reference to documentation, I’ve been able to get very far with my project.

I’m actually switching from a different engine (AGK 2). I decided to switch seeing as I completed my project but was not satisfied with the end product. I had to cut so many corners, and I knew the game was different from the initial vision I had.

Cocos Studio in 2 weeks has done more than I have done with months making a game with other engines.

It’s strange that I am able to use creator like I’ve always used it. No references to documentation, just using experience from game design.

Really happy and impressed with the engine, and glad to have moved my game over to it.

Hi [quote=“slackmoehrle, post:15, topic:46393, full:true”]
Would folks like a tutorial in JavaScript or TypeScript? I’ve started in JavaScript but coming from c++ TypeScript seems like it might help more c++ developers get familiar with Creator without the JavaScript learning curve.

Hi :slight_smile:

When are you planning finish the first tutorial? I want to try cocos creator, but almost tutorials are very old :frowning: I look forward to the new tuts