What are the advantages and disadvantages of bindings-generator for lua in the cocos2d-x v3.x

Cocos2d-x v3.x has been issued for a period of time, i think many people have used bindings-generator for lua . what are the advantages and disadvantages of this tool, can you give me some suggestion,thanks.

I used Lua some time ago. Here are my remarks:


1. All advantages of Lua.


1. **Lack of documentation.** That is crucial important! If I want to do something that is not implements in test-lua I just need to dig into source, trying to find out the way things I need binded in lua. (Finally I found out that all I need was added to "Ignore" thus I gave up Lua and continue with C++) Otherwise I need to see something similar to I want to in test-lua and use code patters from that. Possibly it has sense to attract enthusiasts to documentation creation or at least minimal description? 2. Conjuncted problem with the previous one: lack of forum feedback. I believe it is because of not a lot of developers have experience Lua binding. 3. Lack of plug-ins. There are a lot of good plug-ins available with plugin-x but there are no binding for all of them! (Also I was told about Soomla later. It has js-binding but do not have Lua binding. That is important for me as a developer who use Soomla widely) ---------------------------------------- It will be great to have a bit more descriptive explanation of bindings-generator principles. I read article about binding your own class to Lua and even have done it by myself. But if I want to create a binding for Soomla it is not clear for me which functions can not be bind automatacally and why? What should be added to "Ignore" and other nuances like that?

Disadvantages, the script isn’t particularly well documented or easy to use. It doesn’t seem to work right/at all if you don’t have Android development kits installed.

I spent a few hours trying to get it working with some stuff I wrote at one point and just gave up. It’s been easier to write my own Lua glue code than it is to use the tools Cocos2D-x provides.

tried, spent couple of days, finally gave up. Poor documentation(sorry, no documentation!!!) and no community support( for lua ).

I think the lua documentation needs to be done and finished! Than more and more ppl will use lua and after that you can get answers to your question.

Now the separated wiki files are as follows:

And the other docs are among the explaination of the cocos2d-x Modules.

What docs do you hope to learn the cocos2d-x-lua?

I would love to have a starting Point. The starting Point should:

  • teach me how lua is working in cocos2d-x (there is a luaengine if i am right)
  • it should give my examples how i should code with lua (lots of files, only one big file, classes, functions)
  • i would love to have a documentation which shows me how the cocos2d-x API is used. ( http://www.cocos2d-x.org/reference/native-cpp/V3.3rc0/index.html that is not helpful, for example I know how I can do it in C++ but in Lua … the function isn’t there. And I know I can set to lua on the right, but that’s not the same. )


You told me in another Thread a possibility to call a function every second.
I looked here http://www.cocos2d-x.org/reference/native-cpp/V3.3rc0/dc/d82/classcocos2d_1_1_scheduler.html (click Lua at the right) but I can’t find it!

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