Weird behaviour of 'rotateBy' starts from CC 2.3

Weird behaviour of 'rotateBy' starts from CC 2.3

I used to use rotation action with tween, by this code below, in CC 2.2.1 it works fine, but start from CC 2.3, it work unexpected. Is a bug?

arrowsNode: any;

_arrowTween: any;


initTween(speed : number){

let rotAction = cc.rotateBy(speed, -180);
this._arrowTween = cc.tween(this.arrowsNode).repeatForever(rotAction);


cc 2.2.1

cc 2.3.1

We can ask @jare to have a team member look into this.

This happens to me too since 2.3.0

New to cocos and came here exactly for this issue
This appears to happen with rotateby and repeat. Doing rotate(1, 90) and repeat 2 does a rotate of 90 and a rotate of -90!
So far not a good experience for a newbie :frowning:

I will ask our engineering team to review this thread. Thanks for the patience while they have a look.

This is my fault and I have fixed it.


Any estimated date for the next 2.3.3 rc?

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Iā€™m sorry about that.The next version is now available and final version will be released in this week