Weird behavior in Sony Xperia Devices

Weird behavior in Sony Xperia Devices
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I tested my game in various real devices. Such as iPhones (6, 7 plus, 8, X). And Android devices such as Motorola Moto E2 and different Samsungs. Works fine in that devices. However, when I test the game in a Sony Xperia it has weird behavior. It sounds like it’s running with lag, with less fps than it should, because it’s more slow the gameplay. The device isn’t old, it has the last Android. However my game isn’t the unique game that runs with lag. Other games also work slow.

My game is adapted with 60 FPS (updateGame is scheduleded and runs every 1/60 seconds for update sprite positions, etc).

My question is how can I “normalize” the game in this device. It’s very ugly to play like this. For example, in many places I use DelayTime method to coordinate that certain actions are executed in sequence. But in Sony Xperia I notice mismatches in the execution of these sequences. It seems that it does not respect the correct seconds between sequence and sequence and because of this I have problems. But in other devices works perfect.

Anyone understand this problem and how to fix it?


Is the device powerful enough? What are the specs of it compared to the devices you are already testing on? TBH I haven’t heard of this device in the U.S.


Independently of how powerful the device is, it support Android 8, the last Android, and for that reason it can play my game.

Just for this, I should solve the problem.
But I don’t know how. Maybe the problem is related to limit of FPS in the device for play games, but is ilogic… my game uses standard fps (60). It no requeries much hardware.