WebP format for iOS and android

WebP format for iOS and android
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Always using it first :slight_smile: and better just any pngquant app like ImageOptim or Pngyu.


So what is a difference (size, quality) between WebP and png 8bits for your game resources?
WebP 6.6Mb
png 8 bits ?
When I checked last time my game resources png 8bits was the best.


Oh, I mean using tinypng like compression for my source png files, which later I’m using for packing to
WebP or PVR. I never used png for sprite sheets. But I can test this.

Note, yesterday I’ve changed some images resources, so tested again for both formats.


5.5 MB

Png Opt Level 1(writes indexed 8bit files if possible)

5.1 MB

Thats interesting :slight_smile: After this test I’ve decided also do test with ALPHA_INTENSITY because my source graphics in grayscale, so it’s perfectly fits my needs.




Png Opt Level 1(writes indexed 8bit files if possible)

5.1 MB

Now, I’m rethinking of using format of textures for my game :smiley:


I will help you :slight_smile: :

  1. Use whenever possible png-8.
  2. If image quality is not good enough use something else (for me the only exception is so far: big image e.g. background image with gradients or photos of e.g. blue sky)

Advantages of png-8:

  1. small
  2. fast
  3. works everywhere Android/iOS/Mac/Win/Linux


Thats nice solution for the topic lol, but it is. I like it.

Upd. I forgot to test RAM usage… Will update it soon.

And so, summing of all information of RAM and file size:

  • Format - RAM - Filesize:

  • WebP (RGBA8888), 126.5Mb, 5.4Mb
  • WebP (RGBA4444), 79.1Mb, 12.6Mb
  • WebP (ALPHA_INTENSITY, only gray scale, not for other games), 79.6Mb, 7.1Mb
  • PNG-8 (RGBA8888), 126.5Mb, 5.1Mb
  • PNG-8 (ALPHA_INTENSITY), 82.2Mb, 5.1Mb
  • PVR (RGBA8888) , 126.5Mb, 10.8Mb
  • PVR (RGBA4444) , 79.2Mb, 15.6Mb
  • PVR (ALPHA_INTENSITY) , 79.8Mb, 9.3Mb

I never used png before, but as I remember since cocos2d 0.9x there was some problems, that why I decided not to use it. And as you see, PNG-8 (RGBA8888) using same and maximum RAM as any 8888, but one of the idea is have a format which uses less RAM… This I’m talking about usual game graphics, because in my case, I can use PNG-8 with ALPHA_INTENSITY, because my graphics are grayscale.


@CrazyHappyGame: TexturePacker already uses pngquant + pngopt. Might be that you can win 1 or 2% with some other compressor… but it’s a question if it’s worth the effort.

I really wonder why you are so surprised about PNG-8… it’s what I’ve told you 2 days ago… just scroll up in this thread…

106.972 RGBA8888 png (8 bit)
185.908 RGBA8888 webp (lossless)

Use Texture2d::setDefaultAlphaPixelFormat](Texture2D::PixelFormat) with Texture2D::PixelFormat::RGBA4444 before loading the sprite sheet. See Documentation.
This discards the lower bits of the color pixels and loads your sprite sheets as RGBA4444 - saving you 50% of RAM.

Make sure to also set RGBA4444 in TexturePacker’s pixel format. Also enable dithering. If you don’t use dithering you’ll get banding artifacts in gradients.

RGBA4444 + PNG-8 combined might work - but not in all cases. The problem is that these are 2 completely different concepts: PNG-8 selects 256 colors out of 32bit. It’s completely free in the color choice. E.g. it might even pick a color that’s not one of your images colors. RGBA4444 selects a fixed set of colors out of the color space. It’s not free in choosing which colors…


My surprise is about filesize. I don’t understand that table you provided, RAM use or filesize, Mb or Kb etc.

From what I know, PNG will use same RAM as any 8888 and thats results in my tests.

This is what I never used and know about it. So, I can set PNG-8(RGBA8888) and using this command - get same usage of RAM as with 4444 without losing any quality(in cocos2d-x) ?

We are talking now about PNG-8? So it’s can be only 8888…

Ok, now about. So, for the most games thats impossible I think, quality will be awful. And thats why we back to 8888 and so back to statement - PNG-8(bit) using same RAM as 8888. Am I right?

Interesting, probably @zhangxm can answer, can in cocos2d-x be added new format, to use PNG-8 colors? Or any other of the engine developers.


Short overview over the limitation of the image formats:

Gradient with RGBA8888:

Gradient in RGB4444 without dithering (banding artifacts):

Gradient in RGB4444 with dithering:

Gradient in PNG-8 (perfect, since only 256 colors are used) - RGBA8888

Gradients in RGBA8888:

Limits of PNG-8 (too many different colors in 1 image: banding)

RGBA4444 with dithering:

Maybe it’s indeed an option to use indexed mode in OpenGL? GL_PALETTE8_RGBA8_OES is at least defined in the OpenGL specification… @zhangxm ?


RGBA8 this would be cool.

Currently there are some A8, //! 8-bit intensity texture it’s not that as I understand?

/** @typedef Texture2D::PixelFormat
     Possible texture pixel formats
    enum class PixelFormat
        //! auto detect the type
        //! 32-bit texture: BGRA8888
        //! 32-bit texture: RGBA8888
        //! 24-bit texture: RGBA888
        //! 16-bit texture without Alpha channel
        //! 8-bit textures used as masks
        //! 8-bit intensity texture
        //! 16-bit textures used as masks
        //! 16-bit textures: RGBA4444
        //! 16-bit textures: RGB5A1
        //! 4-bit PVRTC-compressed texture: PVRTC4
        //! 4-bit PVRTC-compressed texture: PVRTC4 (has alpha channel)
        //! 2-bit PVRTC-compressed texture: PVRTC2
        //! 2-bit PVRTC-compressed texture: PVRTC2 (has alpha channel)
        //! 4-bit PVRTCII-compressed texture: PVRTCII4 (has alpha channel)
        //! 2-bit PVRTCII-compressed texture: PVRTCII2 (has alpha channel)
        //! ETC-compressed texture: ETC
        //! ETC2-compressed texture: ETC_RGB
        //! ETC2-compressed texture: ETC_RGBA
        //! ETC2-compressed texture: ETC_RGBA1
        //! S3TC-compressed texture: S3TC_Dxt1
        //! S3TC-compressed texture: S3TC_Dxt3
        //! S3TC-compressed texture: S3TC_Dxt5
        //! ATITC-compressed texture: ATC_RGB
        //! ATITC-compressed texture: ATC_EXPLICIT_ALPHA
        //! ATITC-compressed texture: ATC_INTERPOLATED_ALPHA
        //! Default texture format: AUTO
        DEFAULT = AUTO,
        NONE = -1


AI8 is a grayscale image (color intensity) + alpha. You can only display grays with it.

Palette is different. It means that the 8 bit value is interpreted as index in a color table. You can use it to display different colors.


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