WebGL Rendering Issue in iOS 14 Public Beta

Since iOS 14 was released as Public Beta, we have been receiving user complaints about games not loading on iOS 14. We are using WKWebView to load the games.

So we created a new template app using cocos2dx v3.17.2 (hello world) and tried loading it on iOS 14 WKWebView and on iOS Safari. This was not loading as well and stays on blank screen (Screenshot attached). There is no error shown in console as well.

When we forced enabled canvas rendering, then it loaded correctly. So there seems to be an issue with the WebGL rendering. We are not sure if this is a bug in iOS 14 beta, or if any change would be required from the Cocos2d side.

Would someone be able to look in to this and let us know more details?

Would someone be able to help with this?

We haven’t supported Cocos2d—js in many tears. I don’t believe we have any plans to fix issues now.