WebGL + Firebase

WebGL + Firebase


i want to make a game just for WebGL and i am trying to use firebase functionalities:
1 - can i make that in cocos creator or there some restrictions?
2 - if first question (Yes) then do i have to use SDKBOX or i can just follow the instruction in firebase to build for WebGL since my only target here is webGL.


SDKBox only support iOS and Android, you need to integrate firebase by yourself.


As @yinjimmy said you can’t use Firebase with web based apps. You could make a proxy server that relays data to Firebase but you would lose the unique ids of whatever device makes the request because all logging / data transfer would be done by your server.

IF it’s for logging events you could use Google Analytics for tracking stuff and import it in Firebase later but that requires a premium account with costs $150,000.

Alternative logging could also be done by using Facebook Analytics if you’re into that sort of thing.

If it’s just for storing data setting up a Node / MongoDB server isn’t that hard.


https://firebase.google.com/docs/web/setup will help you.