Web Mobile Build : Browser caching doesn't seem to work

Hello Devs,

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if you notice the assets of game are being downloaded from server every single time. Browser is not caching the game assets locally. Browser caching seems to work in Construct engine games but not in Cocos creator. Are you guys aware? If yes, then what can I do to utilize browser caching?

What Creator version are you using?

Do you have caching disabled?

If you have control over your webserver, you can add cache-control header.

Cache-Control: public max-age=<milliseconds>

There used to be a meta tag (cache-control) for html as well. Not sure it’s still valid for current web standards.

Hello, Caching is enabled in my case. Thanks.

hello, I am using cocos creator 3.2. Thanks.

We have identified the problem and are working on it.

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