We need a friendly ENGINE, not a dysfunction EDITOR

We need a friendly ENGINE, not a dysfunction EDITOR
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Hi @slackmoehrle

I agreed…But have I ever told you that you need to hire more persons to work on docs?

And isn’t this what I provided in regards to knowlesg[quote=“luke2125, post:86, topic:33651”]
Yes, and we can’t teach it. This isn’t what we do. We are a game engine and we can’t even teach people how to write games. There is a lot of variation and creativity. What we need to do is document our product in the ways that make people understand how to use it and its pieces.

Yes, remember the conversation we had concerning Unity tutorials, a while back, where i showed an example concerning description of the code? What was your response? If I’m not mistaken, it was similar the same of what @catch_up mentioned on below:

Ok, but I would also appreciate you not trying to communicate things that are not true:

Isn’t that taking my points and stretching them way out to then try and make your point seem more valid?

God Bless…




I assume he was referring to me, and it is a fair point.


Ok, we want to setup manager visual app for beginners from Cocos team :smiley: May you send that message to the team?

And another idea is web learning platform with public owner system. Maybe we developers can add some tutorials, samples, videos…etc in that platform. It’s not bad idea. I know, cocos team and you are very busy. Maybe the community can do somethings in there.


no. I was communicating to another member that you you were advocating for the the “kitchen sink” approach. Same for the other user I mentioned. They also think we need that same approach. Cover every possible detail.


I did :slight_smile:

Yeah, we did have users contributing tutorials. They are actually still available via a search here. The issue we ran into was the tutorials would stop working after a few releases or users would want support on these tutorials and if the original author did not answer then we had to try to and questions went unanswered. If we can solve this we might have a good chance of success.


Cocos2d team thank you for all.

It seems like post changed to wish list. So here my wish list:

  1. more examples in cpp-tests
  2. more unit tests
  3. more build configurations in Jenkins CI (btw do you know that Linux and Android fail for few days)
    3.1 Jenkins CI configuration for cocos gen-libs – all supported platforms (every release something does not work)
    3.2. Jenkins CI configuration for Windows 10 UWP

There is no single good answer … I would love to have:

  1. great documentation
  2. great tutorial
  3. great GUI
    etc ….But I know that it is very difficult and expensive.

Personally I trust only two guys: C++ compiler and debugger :slight_smile:
I don’t care much about GUI editor.

I read cocos2d-x doc/guids/tutorial but more often I am grepping folder cocos2d/tests/cpp-tests/Classes …
Working and compiling code/samples have bigger value for me than documentation. (C++ compilers do not understand documentation - therefore I do not trust docs :wink: )



This thread is like a flame war. :smiley:
Guys, every poeple’s wishes impossible to solve.
You have limited time and resource. And if you split this resource, to solve more path, it comes harder to going on that paths.


I’m not so sure why everyone is bothered by scrollview :confused:

this video explains everything quite clearly.


I on the other hand have no issues with the documentation and tutorials. Programming guide combined with sonar systems video helps me with everything.

The new programmers that join my team. I simply tell them to go here


and watch 1,4-6, 27- till end. And they are basically ready to code on cocos2d-x

For Programming guidelines.

we use https://google.github.io/styleguide/cppguide.html

and the rest from cocos2d-x programming guide.

I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. Although i disagree with cocos creator being focused on so much, The cocos2d-x team is doing exceptionally well, and they are experienced enough to know whats better for the future of cocos2d-x.


(software programmer here)
I learned Cocos2d-x c++ thanks to @SonarSystems tutorials. Then I decided to go with Creator. Yesterday my first game made with Creator went live at Apple Store. Now I’m working on Android version and also working on my 2nd game.

So this is what a great set of tutorials can do.

Again, thanks @SonarSystems for an amazing job!
My 2 cents.


Hi @b12345
Where did you read that everyone is bothered by scrollview?

First of all, I gave a general example. Secondly, I clearly mentioned that everyone who created tutorials in past contains basic examples. Basic means, they don’t consider practicality of usage, but simply the working of some feature which is ok from showing engine feature POV but is not practical.

And you proved it again… Check the code in that video tutorial. I can see that he has hard coded the dimensions of ScrollView!! This is how do you use ScrollView in applications. Please show me your game done using it?

Can you see that the buttons added in the video example are added from bottom to top?
Also, can you tell me the reason what exactly InnerContentSize do and how come you can set 2500 for a practical case?

For my game, I’m not hard coding anything like 2500. I am clearly making my game for multi resolution. So, I’m for dynamically calculating size of innerContentSize, I’m adding the sprites, adding their height, and then setting according innerContentSize’ height! And my way of doing is also bottom to up instead of top to bottom which seems like a hack to me.

I agree that SonarySystems has good tutorials for sheer beginners. And I’ve also thanked him for great work for community, But I also mentioned that I can’t become happy just because I’ve seen something working as I am not creating the game just for me


Programming is a creativ job.
If somebody want to programming, need to use sometimes google, his brain, his luck to find some solution, and sometimes forums…
Most people help to the others if want, or can, or have time. But would be nice, before every question just a day spend to google search. :smiley:
I think in programming there isn’t silver bullet, what works always for every situation.


Yeah correct.


@gejza maybe you and @b12345 misunderstand the meaning of clear definition of what is this.

What we need from an API reference for a class/functions is what it is used for? what parameters is needed to use it? Do it have some special/amazing features which won’t be use in normal cases but maybe you’ll need them in some cases -> if yes, what is it? how to use it?

Google is a real programmer’s friend these day, i dont know how many times i solved a problems thank to it, but hey, if you think “a few second to figure out what it is” is worse than “several minutes searching google and filter the right answer”, then that’s ok, no one here have enough power to prevent you from doing that, you’re welcome.

@slackmoehrle you’ve talked about the problem when API is well documented, user will beg more for many examples how to customize something, in the examples. But i dont think it will happen (may be i’m wrong) , those begging will go stretch to forum, and they will wait for the help of other users. For example, it the manual clearly state: red button - launch the nuke, green button - destroy the nuke -> if user want to destroyed a launched nuke, either they try out themselves or ask for other’s help, demand the manual to show all the possible is ridiculous, because even the manual cannot predict all the possible.

The Editor is still a need, and many people blame Chukong direction for js, but that’s not fair. As @ricardo said, most asian-user is using js/lua, and i think even Chukong using js for most of their games. Then they pour most of their resouces to cocos creator/js is the right choice for their company. What we want now is how to balance out what we need, and what the company need, but that’s is the most difficult task, that’s why this topic’s born.

The c++ port Cocos Creator is coming, that’s is really great news (at least to me), but as many people above have said, documents still need to be improved. And the stability, performance on platforms other than ios must be focus.

That’s said, i think you guy should plan some way for the user contribute back to the engine, at least for the tutorials/examples part, or to the editor. Because i dont think you guy have enough resources to support for many things


@catch_up here is my current game using scrollview.

" https://www.dropbox.com/s/vdtuacc1tljq377/scrollview.mov?dl=0 "

i literally copy pasted the code from @SonarSystems videos.

shop is created from a plist that is stored online. Scrollviews are dynamically generated when it checks the plist.
The scrollview expands and contracts dynamically as the button size increases. :slight_smile:

my scrollview works on all screen resolutions including mac, windows (fullscreen and windowed), android ios anything you name it.

it works with gamepads, and keyboard as well as seen in the video.

I dont mean to offend you but you mention 2500… in that video it is used for sake of the example you could simply pass a variable there :stuck_out_tongue:


No I am not offended. My point was there isn’t really explanation as to how it worked even when 2500 is given there. If that worked, it means, I can put a random number like 10 also and it won’t make a difference!! So, my point is whether you really understand the concept or not.

Btw screenshot looks cool.


oh sorry i sent a video… is it showing up as a screenshot? :confused:
if you put 10 in the innercontainer it wont scroll anymore… you need to define the scrollable area in that case which is 2500… instead of 2500 i use numberOfButtons * sizeOfButton.


Nope… I am saying your link to dropbox! That game screenshot was interesting.

Yes, my point was numberOfButtons * sizeOfButton is known to you but in my case, it’s not known.

In my case, they are dynamic sized elements. So, I can’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue:
By my way of doing is pretty much same as in video but more adaptive to different size of elements(buttons/sprites/etc).


there isnt a screenshot in the link… there is a video in the link that demonstrates the scrollview i used :confused:


I was talking about this default video image bro… This is pretty good.