Warning to Everyone!

Warning to Everyone!


This guy said he can finish the work on my project in 10 days
I already sent him purchased unity source code I have to migrate into cocos creator
He just said and said he can do
and need time to study unity source code for upto 5 days

I Need a Developer

Good he want to finish the project with 100$ and check your output every day LOL.
should not work with him any more




@hjaison you should use some freelance site to do your task.


@hjaison I think some of us told you that your budget of $100 wasn’t anywhere near enough money to take someone else’s source code in a different engine and port it to Cocos Creator.

Just like @dimon4eg I mentioned a freelance site too. You run the same risk though of giving out the source code and then the work not getting completed for a variety of reasons.

Your screenshots are clearly doctored so it is hard for us to know exactly how these events worked out. However, perhaps after looking at the Unity source @jtinger decided $100 isn’t enough. How would he have known until he looked at the Unity source? You can’t give someone a black box and a $100 budget and expect results. I spent $100 on coffee last week.

Why not learn to code yourself? This would give you the ability to create your own games and also have a new skill to be proud of.


@hjaison I have edited your original post to remove all the pictures you posted. I received some flags about this topic.

I’m fine if you want to complain about something, but I don’t think it is fair of you to slander the guy and call him a criminal for not wanting to work for $100 USD.

Edit: Another user replied to the original post saying they tried to hire this guy too. With that being said I am going to close this topic from further conversation. While the guy may be questionable in motive, this isn’t the place to complain about it, nor slander him.