VS Code Extension without Chinese

VS Code Extension without Chinese

I’m not sure if anyone else wants this, but I had used regex search/replace to clear out the Chinese language from the generated “creator.d.ts” file for VS Code, and so far everything seems to be working correctly. No offense to China, or the Chinese language, it’s just personally in my way when I don’t know the Chinese language.

I’ve uploaded a copy on my server if anyone wants it: https://3dmasons.com/creator.d.ts

I also removed the “!#en” tag to try to really clean up everything.

Thx for sharing.
One other general question: is it possible to compile CC output with VSCode to a win32 binary / App ?

Hopefully someone can help you because I just started using Cocos Creator about six/seven days ago. While reading the docs I had seen examples of C code, and didn’t even know that existed with Cocos. I’m assuming that’s Cocos2d-x? I would love to work with Cocos in C++.

I have yet to see anything compiled with Cocos in relation to C, so I definitely can’t help you. I do know that to compile C with VSCode, instead of using Visual Studio, or by command prompt to the compiler, you need to install the C++ VSCode extension and MinGW. Perhaps Cocos C++ can compile to a DLL?

Anyways, I hope someone helps you out. This topic I made was just sharing a VSCode intellisense file without the chinese language. I come from a C/C++/C# background but haven’t even touched it in relation to Cocos. I just joined and I started with Cocos Creator using good 'ol Javascript.

Before that I came from 3D; Torque3D, Leadwerks, XNA, Unity, UE3 (then UDK), UE4, etc…