[Vote]Cocos2d-x future: C++ or JavaScript

[Vote]Cocos2d-x future: C++ or JavaScript
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Who said anything about an attack from some ppl against another ppl? O_O Just saying that is not an argument saying that something is better than another something because more ppl say it.

By the way, what means real programmers?


I don’t recall anyone saying that C++ is better than javascript, simply that the people that have been using cocos2d-x for years have been doing so as c++ programmers and are not comfortable with the apparent abandonment of this to go in a completely new direction.

And by real developers I mean people who write code. Visual editors tend to be more for designers who don’t know how to program at all or are only capable of writing some basic scripts. As a programmer I find these editors get in my way and I don’t want to use them at all, I want to write code only. It’s fine as an option, but that’s the key, having an option.


I don’t recall anyone saying that C++ is better than javascript

Yes, you should read the entire conversation.


Okay, but even if they did, that’s their opinion. People have legitimate issues with the direction things are going after having invested a lot into using this engine. Your posts seem to be nothing more than taking issue with semantics and whether or not someone should be allowed to have a preference.

I like C++, you like Javascript. Good for us both. Cocos2d-x has had javascript bindings for a long time that you could program with so that was all well and good. When you take away my ability to program in pure C++ and instead try and force me to use a closed source editor and write in JS only, THAT IS A PROBLEM! Do you understand? Do you have anything meaningful to contribute or are you just trolling?


For real, you didnt read anything yet. I like C++, im not trying to win any discussion here. Im not forcing anyone to anything. It looks like you are the one who is trolling here dude. I just was trying to tell him that he cant ask to be taken seriously (and having the post being pin) if he uses a fallacy.

By the way, if chukong would stop supporting cocos2d-x its not like anyone is forcing you to stop using cocos2d-x. Do you remember that it is open source? In any moment you can fork it and change the name of open office to libre office :wink:

Pls next time, read the entire conversation before talking. If not, you are the one who seems to be trolling and not contributing to anything.


From another thread:

Cocos team should release cocos2d-x-lite as v4.0 quickly. It will stop all the worries about the standalone engine dying a slow death or not getting attention, and let all existing projects ‘fit’ in the new vision. The main difference in current 3.x and new Lite engine is that they have removed some modules to make it lightweight and added new APIs to be able to easily work with entities exported from the Creator editor - it is the engine used to run all projects built using the new Creator (using JSB bindings for the JS code). They are not abandoning the C++ engine even if they are supporting/promoting JS developers for Creator.

Once everyone has a clear path to migrate their existing code to new engine without doing a full rewrite, it will be easier for them to use the Creator editor for new pieces, or migrate old screens/features one at a time, or continue to use the standalone engine without any editor. And then cocos team will also not need to maintain two separate C++ engine.

Asking for a full rewrite gives everyone the option to rewrite using any other framework.


@Undume, @KAMIKAZE created this post as part of something bigger in response to chukong clearly trying to move people away from C++ to Javascript and a closed editor. The only valid response to this survey would be one of the two options given and why you feel that way. Over and over and over you have posted about how he shouldn’t have made the post to begin with and that he won’t be taken seriously. If that’s not the very definition of trolling I don’t know what is.

Cocos2d-x (as we know it) would no longer be a viable option to use if it stops being supported because each platform upgrade will likely require an engine update to keep working properly. There are also many bugs that need to be addressed, security concerns, performance issues, etc. So unless it is forked, similar to the way cocos2d-x was from cocos2d, it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to just keep using an old outdated version of the engine indefinitely. Again, if that’s the case then there are better options available but we need to know what’s happening so we can make an informed decision instead of just sitting around with our fingers crossed.


The very definition of trolling is not reading the entire conversation. And as u said, its legit give ur opinion. I give my opinion, I like c++ but it is not the way to do these things, this is not a real survey, here mainly just come western people, here its not coming all the cocos2d developers, period.
You are the one who put words in my mouth, and anyway I wasnt discussing it anymore, you came here to engage again this, you are the troll.
If you just vote and give your opinion, as u said, just saying yes or no to the poll, we wont still talking more about it. Its funny see how you point others of doing something bad when you are currently doing it. And again, as I said before, when I didnt want to discuss it anymore, im done of it. You can still putting more words in my mouth, dont care anymore. And please again, read!


Ricardo is not active day to day any longer. I’m not sure if he ever drops in here anymore or not.


Lol. Oh @Undume, just for fun lets put together your posts before I responded shall we? In order:

You never really answered the survey, just start blabbering on about how he is manipulating people, trying to school people on “truth”, etc. I answered the survey and questioned why you were accusing him of “despising oriental developers”. Come on man, seriously.

Thanks slackmoehrle. I would love to see Ricardo fork it. That sounds dirty than intended.


You still not reading hehe just still trolling :smiley:


I just will say again, that landing page of cocos2d-x is very wrong in overall direction…

And these words really scare me:

I just need a clean cocos2d-x with C++ only. No glitchy editor please! And no other unused bindings(scripting/js-bindings and all around should be removed!) and so on. No merging with cocos2d-x lite which serves for cocos creator ideology.

Actually what would be perfect, is that in cocos2d-x C++ v4.0 many things needed for any scripts, js and support for cocos creator - will be removed(or not added)! So it will became more cleaner and easy to use!
Well, list of things which really needed to be removed is huge and already was described before.

And all that: creator, js and scripts whatever… just should be separated as some other web site, about which I don’t care, because I will never use it and never want to hear anything about it. And yes, cocos2dx-lite - let it be just js only or whatever. Main thing is that it should not affect to cocos2d-x C++ and live alone.


Also, a few words about editor’s. Cocos studio 1 and 2 - closed source and abandoned. Why? Because was really buggy and glitchy. I don’t know which tools was used to developed it, but looking at GUI - it’s not that quality and stability which for example Qt can give you, but UX and UI should be at same quality level…


Just a suggestion, but why aren’t you guys breaking away from cocos2d-x right now by cloning the repo, cutting out all the unneeded things until you end up with a pure, minimal c++ version of the engine? You are free to do so as everything is licensed under MIT. I’m sure you would find lots of contributors since the c++ part is still very popular.

…At least that’s what I would do if I weren’t switching to godot for my next project.


Already. But we are talking here like about more higher level… and just fork it’s like nobody cares about it, only who fork it. And overall you should think much more forward… it’s not topic about that.


As you said the c++ still very popular and is MIT licensed. Thats what im talking, why dont fork it? If people really cares about the c++ side they would help on a project like this. The problem I think is that is easier asking others to do the work (here Chukong).

Anyway, Chukong should say if they are going to stop giving support, it looks like. Being honest I mean.

And if nobody cares about it… about what are we talking here? just take the lead.


My thoughts exactly

Why not create cocos2d-c++ & leave cocos2d-x to Chukong to continue development of the js engine?


Because it’s should be a group of people(small company maybe 5-10people ) who develop & maintain:

  • engine
  • documentation
  • fixing bugs
  • developing new features
  • testing on all platforms
  • understand and develop UI & UX for…
  • develop a usable editor(which is again a huge task)

For all that those people should be: programmers, designers, managers, artists etc… And all that requires a lot of resources. A hardware just to work on and again hardware on which test all the engine & games. From iPad’s & iPhone’s 5,6,7 to some android’s(list is too big, anyway at least needed 5 devices with different resolution).
And of course there should be a leader of all, which takes direction and coordinate next steps, contributing ideas…

All this just a very quick draft(really not full) of what I’m seeing how it should be, in real life its more complicated.

Just fork, well that can push someone and give some enthusiasm(like, ok I have it! now I will do how I want it to be), but it’s will gone after some time, very quickly. Because again, nobody will care about that fork… and many other problems will arrive.


I disagree!
There are many, many open source projects out there managed by individuals and helped by interested parties.
If you took cocos2d-x C++ as it stands and essentially worked on maintenance and supporting new devices then I don’t think there’s actually that much work to do on the code itself.
didn’t @walzer & @ricardo pretty much run it before it was taken over ?

So the engine needs maintaining, bug fixing but not too much else
Documentation - sure always suffers the most cuz its not so much fun, but if one isn’t continually adding features it’s easier on the docco too
Fixing bugs - I think thats what it should be about! Get a nice compact stable C++ engine that does the basics and is stable.
New features I think should be left as much as possible unless individual contributors really want them - I feel sometimes new features mess up what’s available and make it more complex and less lightweight.
Testing? That’s what us users are for!
UI & UX - nope. Leave it as a game engine - you want UI, use sprites!
Editor? Why should an editor be part of the project? If someone wants to start a project that is an editor, great - but leave editors and engines as separate
the beauty of open source is that people can get together to achieve great things. Yes, it needs a leader or two to manage, but it doesn’t need to be as big a deal as you make it out to be.


If what you describe would work in real life, we would have a long list of engines and different versions of cocos, created by individuals, convenient and popular. You just do not understand how difficult and pragmatic to do engine and how much to take into account …

And ricardo already leaved cocos2d-x, it’s been said, and walzer taken another direction to js, so I don’t see what you can ask.