[Vote]Cocos2d-x future: C++ or JavaScript

[Vote]Cocos2d-x future: C++ or JavaScript
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I believe that I correctly named the topic. It’s all started from here, I think:
We need a friendly ENGINE, not a dysfunction EDITOR

I’m suggesting to read all that thread or pickup some main posts in it, as I think is a key to understand situation:

So, current direction is moving “to China and JS or Lua”, because:
We need a friendly ENGINE, not a dysfunction EDITOR

Also developing of closed source editor by cloning unity (again and again… ah life does not teach anything…? cocos studio 1, 2? hmm ) and engine for it is here(cocos-classic) https://github.com/cocos-creator but why? Ahh…

After all, I just want to ask you reader, what do you want for the future:

  • C++
  • JavaScript

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This separation is pushing forward because of cocos creator and all things around it. But some people like me, will never ever use anything but C++, with ability to work & code in the native IDE’s like Xcode and Android Studio.

Actually, if I’m developing any game, first of all I complete it by 95% and all developing/testing goes for iOS, under macOS in the Xcode. I can’t image another way actually.
So that glitchy closed source editor and js or lua is really looks like a very wrong direction, if it will not be changed, well I can still use cocos2d-x and C++… I have open source editor for it - SpriteBuilderX(works on macOS only). Thats looks like really full enough for me… but I’m thinking about other people, who can’t buy Mac or install hackintosh, and they need C++ cross-platform engine with open source C++ cross-platform editor(I would use Qt?). Thats the main spirit of cocos2d family…

Getting to know our users. (Bonus: Live Stream)

What else I wanted to say. Current engine is too heavy. It’s probably should be cleaned up in some new major version, lets say v4. And some things even needs to be re-created from the scratch…
A very short list is:

  • Only C++
  • Remove 3D features
  • Remove Physics integration
  • iOS, macOS, android and windows
  • Modular design, should be possible?
  • Add cool open-source editor written in C++.

Ahh, dreams :slight_smile: ?


This happened to me before. Mi advice is to look for alternatives.


I Love Lua,

Lua +1


Well, there is no good alternative for me. I would like to create an alternative… ahh thats another dream :slight_smile:


Did you have a look at Ouzel?

Quite similar to cocos2d-x, but c++ only. Windows, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android, Linux, and Emscripten targets. Multi-threaded. Direct3D 11, OpenGL 2/3/4, OpenGL ES 2/3, Metal support…

Myself I’m having a look at Piston right now.

I’m thinking about switching from c++ to Rust. It might be a bit early for mobile development, but it looks quite interesting.


I do think that JavaScript is going to be pushed heavily. Also, Creator uses a different engine than what Cocos2d-x is. It is based on Cocos2d-x, but a lighter weight version. I think that this lighter weight version will eventually get into Cocos2d-x making it lighter.


In last month i saw tons of topics about game engines war :smile:

And which one better

And i end with this , there no perfect engine

Cocos2dx was the best until they move to creator and I believe they moving in wrong direction

Because of few reasons

1- the creator is far far away from unity
2- closed source
3- javascript ( the syntax will let you have nightmares)
4- no docs for creator and tutorials to start with

You may say why not moving to unity

Ahhh, unity team catch the snake but they didn’t cut the head :slight_smile:

Unity has bad performance on mobile , i spent days to achieve smooth physics and lightweight game

But I couldn’t…

Anything else is just perfect, awesome editor huge community and asset store and c# script and more

But I think godot is going in right direction with 3.0 version

But still need a lot of work and docs to gdscript and examples

At the end I wish we saw v4 , pure c++ with more features to speed the development

And we back to developing our games like old times

Thanks go starting this topic

Best regards

xCode Soul


Agree with this.


I don’t think there will be v4.


200% I am in agreement with you.


My vote is obvious, anyway I’m still curious about creator…


Any admins can pin this temporary? Or you don’t believe it’s important? @slackmoehrle :wink: ?


You had only put links that defend the choice of c ++. Well, the first one maybe is pro js but…
This is called manipulation. Maybe that’s why they would not pin it. Try to do the post again without positioning all the post in one side and maybe they pin it :wink:

And no, I do not like js.


I vote c++ :slight_smile:


Btw will coocs2dx c++ be discontinued? :dizzy_face:


I think you do not fully understand what is happening. Now we have like all C++, but now there happens an imposition…

Goto cocos2d-x main web page.
What will you see there? Development of open-source editor for open-source engine using C++? Improving current C++ features? Or maybe some new(or fixed old really outdated) documentation for C++.
And even more - a new good tutorial or getting start guide for C++?

No, there are just a line:

Cocos Creator is a unified package of game development tools. A closed-source editor written in js and using js for developing. Pushing you, developer, to move from C++ to js. Yea, we cloning Unity, maybe this will help. Join us!


I believe they will create another open-source editor for it using C++. So there will be js cocos creator with cocos lite https://github.com/cocos-creator/cocos2d-x-lite and normal cocos2d-x and normal editor for it. Dreams yea? No, they just will support current cocos2d-x, for a little bit… to fix something and probably inject loader of creator scenes…


I dont see the relation between my reply and your reply.
And yes, I fully understand whats happening. You do not need to give me all the speech :wink:


I don’t manipulate as you said, because it’s not an option actually for js… so I don’t need to provide links to defend any other “choice”. And they just quietly doing this anyway, without asking anybody.