[VOTE] Cocos2d-x: C++ or JavaScript editor needed?

[VOTE] Cocos2d-x: C++ or JavaScript editor needed?
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You asked me this:


That’s just my logic. Thanks anyway.


He’s telling you to explicitly ask. It’s clear you’re bummed out about the new editor but you’re not going about this calmly. “Is it a good idea to pin this?” is a different question that “Can this be pinned”. It seemed like you want to ask the former so do it and see what happens.


If you want something pinned, PM me about it.


Telling him that he should not encourage people voting C++, and trying to explain him that the purpose of a poll is for knowing the opinion of the other people, is how started the flaming in the old post.
He didnt learn anything about the last post, just agree with him :wink: Its a poll with just campaign for C++ because “he has the only truth” and people who doesnt think like him is wrong. Its funny to see how it starts again.
And im a c++ guy too.

And no, im not going to answer more here.

See you :slight_smile: !


I am not big fan in c++, and will accept any program language if it is the best solution for project, but for game, performance is very sensitive, player doesn’t accept any lagging,
script is fast enough for some types of game, but it is bad for the rest of important types of game, it is OK if cocos2d-x is a toy, but it is not the best solution with javascript if cocos2d-x wants to challenge Unity.


This topic is only like FYI, because cocos2d-x developers already moved to JS and developing all in that direction.
Again, the main page http://www.cocos2d-x.org speaks for itself.

How can you compare with Unity? If Unity is 2018, then cocos creator is 1918.
And cocos creator is so far away from Defold or Corona, even can’t complete with them and will not in near 2-3 years thats for sure.


Please stop spreading FUD. We haven’t moved. We are surely building up our JavaScript offerings, but C++ and Lua are not going away and the API’s between all languages will stay in sync as much as makes sense. Some features might not be possible in all languages.


I’m just watching how it goes and not only me. Simple example: bug created on Jan 9, so already 3+ months passed. And there are a lot of other…


This doesn’t mean anything about dropping language support. The team works on bugs and priorities to the engine and our related tools. The thing is how you see it and what is actually happening are very different. You really should ask before you say something that leads other users in the wrong direction.

If you have bugs that you need help with getting fixed, please contact me. I can help facilitate it. Our engineering team is always receptive to feedback and if bugs are show stoppers they need to know also.


So why that bug hasn’t been fixed for 3 months already?


cocos2d-x is Open Source. So you are welcome to create a pull request for that :wink:


So I want to create a pull request for cocos creator.


I’d say because the team is working on other things more important like CMake, Renderer, 3D, etc.

We need to know about bugs, for sure, but we also have a schedule. Perhaps someday we can hire someone that just works on issues in GitHub.

If you need a bug fixed because it is mission critical, ping me and I can work with the engineering team to get it fixed.


Send me what you need and I can create the issue for you. Markdown, please, attach to a forum post .


It’s because almost all developers switched to https://github.com/cocos-creator and working on:

As you remember, I’m just stating a facts. Thats why current cocos2d-x is low-idle priority and thats why bugs hasn’t been fixed. And thats why many documentation links are not working and no new documentation, examples and tutorials coming for C++.

No? Lets see:
A quick example:
Learn http://www.cocos2d-x.org/learn

  • Building The Game Of Life November 17, 2015
  • Building A Clone Of Timberman November 18, 2015
    …and all other there

So I’m not talking FUD, it’s what it is.

That was a rhetorically… I can’t and never will because of:

  • closed source
  • not a C++

cocos2d-x is a multi-platform framework for building 2d games, interactive books, demos and other graphical applications. It is based on cocos2d-iphone, but instead of using Objective-C, it uses C++


How many devs are currently working on c++?


Instead of complaining why not we don’t build C++ ecosystem better by ourself?

It’s the reason that I considered to build SpeedCC.


Sure no. It’s SBX :smiley:


The work is broken down into tasks. They type of task depends on which developer gets assigned the work. The teams overlap is what I am saying. There are at least 2 working on c++, but really it is more as they other developers are writing features that c++ will benefit from when done as well as the other languages we support too.