[VOTE] Cocos2d-x: C++ or JavaScript editor needed?

[VOTE] Cocos2d-x: C++ or JavaScript editor needed?
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Old vote was here - [Vote]Cocos2d-x future: C++ or JavaScript Too much words there… and spam… closed.

Lest try again and for editor, but just simple vote and minimum comments :slight_smile:


https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos2d-x :

cocos2d-x is a multi-platform framework for building 2d games, interactive books, demos and other graphical applications. It is based on cocos2d-iphone, but instead of using Objective-C, it uses C++.

Now, http://www.cocos2d-x.org :

Cocos Creator is a unified package of game development tools.
Upgraded to JSB 2.0

What is JSB 2.0? I don’t know and don’t want to know…

Then goto http://www.cocos2d-x.org/docs/creator/en/getting-started/introduction.html :

Q: Is Cocos Creator a game engine?
A: It’s a complete game development solution, which includes the JavaScript implementation of Cocos2d-x (no need to learn a new engine).

I want to add a bit: no need to learn a new engine - what?, but I don’t want to use and learn JavaScript at all.

I just want to use C++ engine with cool C++ editor ready and with maximum integration with the engine and compatibility.

I have SBX for that, but it’s for macOS only(cross-platform engine should have cross-platform editor), anyway SBX almost fill my needs, but it can be much bigger, wider and better with more functionality and features… specially if rewritten using C++.

So, my simple question is: cocos2d-x editor should be developed using:

  • C++
  • JavaScript

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With C++ it’s also means, more tight and simple integration.


We are in a same team. (C++ fans)
but it is better to not encourage people voting c++.
One question? What’s the purpose of voting?


Purpose is to realize and understand that JS editor and any other but not C++ is a wrong way for cocos.


I agree. but the purpose of voting is to understand if other people in agreement with us.


From old vote it’s obviously that C++ is a top language for developing games with cocos2d-x which is C++ engine, wondering yea? That not JS… ehm.

But maybe in these people be included devs from creator. Currently I’m seeing situation just simple: creator will fail same as cocos studio…


Every few weeks you mention Creator not being a replacement for Studio. It never will be exactly. What I mean is it is totally different. The best we can do is add features users want. Time cures this. Each new version gets better.


Well, I don’t see any other “official” editor, so I can mention only it.

Cocos2d-X is a C++ project and it’s like obviously that editor for it should be written in C++ and use engine as renderer in it.

Same idea as SpriteBuilder did for cocos2d-iphone.
One codebase for both: editor and engine itself. So If you for example change code for Button class it will be changed in editor too, when re-compiled ofc. And more close connection with code can be done and many more advantages…

Most developer who use this engine write their games code in C++. No doubt that many cool games were done using C++. Many alghoritms, libraries already in C++.
My current game in developing uses C++ and if I chose another language, then I would face many problems and got no solutions about them. Just because at the end everything depends on C++. And I never waned and never will use any other language(well maybe Swift, but it’s a dreams or maybe not…).

So, this is not an opening that:


Hopefully not too off-topic but what is SBX?


I am a totally C++ sucker.


SBX is a SpriteBuilderX , which I’m supporting. Just search on the forum.


@slackmoehrle how do you think, is it fair to pin this post for say 1 week? Why “fair”, because to ask community for their needs, who uses this engine and creates games… it’s a good idea, right?

I’m thinking also, that if before starting to make a new editor for cocos2d-x this question should be asked. Is that right too?


Why are you still trying to hard over the C++ topic? Head over to forum.cocos.com and you can see how many supporters are there for cocos creator and how many job advertisement is mentioning Cocos Creator. I’m not against what you are doing, but I think your effort will go to waste. Also to mention now wechat mini games is a new hot thing in china, Cocos Creator and Javascript is gaining more attention.


Because this is C++ engine, right?

Ok, but how it’s connected with this engine forum? That cocos is opposite and other direction. I’m not interested in that.
Can you answer:

  1. But why creator force pushed here?
  2. For these people who are using C++ mostly?

Well, I believe many C++ devs just already left from here and who stayed just using engine without any editor.

Edit: I have no problems with some “other” modified separated engine like cocos2d-x-lite and some editor for it, but here is really no place for that…


Well they are different forum 1 for the international and 1 for the chinese, but they serve the same purpose. I can see that they are trying to do something for the C++ lovers but that is not their main goal. Judging from their company size and facts that they have given, they see a much bigger market in Cocos Creator and they have just enough people to focus on 1 product.

Even if you made another 10 post about C++ full support, I can only see that happening if another rich company is willing to invest in C++ or a team of people who will give their free time to the community. Also, I dont see why SpriteBuilderX like you mention and x-365 studio isn’t enough?


Have you checked how many % votes for C++ here? Any thoughts about that?

SBX only for macOS.
x-365 only for windows and closed-source, and again targeting to JS, so I’m even not count it.

Also, try to answer my questions from prev. post. I’ve edited it to see more clearly.

I’m stop this off-topic, because last time thread was closed because of that.
% of votes tells more than you can imagine…

upd: you asking me to check Chinese forum? Thats lol, I don’t know Chinese and never will learn it. You like really don’t understand how all these C++ and JS are really different in so many ways… IF one way selected, other will be abandoned.


Which is why I told you the majority of their support comes from another forum.cocos.com. Do you even read post?


I think it is fine to “ask” to have a post pinned.


So what the answer? :slight_smile:


Just what I said. :slight_smile: Ask.


So, the cocos team not interested in C++ editor and will never do it. Okay, thats like just clarification. Will take this into account.