Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2012
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Hey guys, I just downloaded the SDK and I’m new. :slight_smile:

Is Cocos20X similar to Marmalade middleware?

Is it possible to develop Android applications in cpp, using Visual Studio, including apk deployment?



I am not familiar with Marmalade, so I can’t tell the difference between cocos2d-x and Marmalade.
We can definitely use cocos2d-x to develop Android applications. You could choose c++, lua and even javascript to develop android apps.
But the apk depolyment process can’t be done within Visual Studio. You could use Android NDK tool chain and Eclipse to do deployment.
Hope it helps.



Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

So when it comes to building your app to test it, or simulate it you might say, can that be done in visual studio and run on windows? I don’t really plan on deploying to my Android phone often, maybe once a day or something like that.

I was just a little confused with the documentation, I successfully compiled and ran the included hello world project on windows using visual studio, but can that program, for example, be edited and deployed to Android?



Sure! we can use visual studio to test the game and then deploy it to Android later.
I have written a tutorial of setting up Android NDK development on windows 7.
Here is the link: